Fuel Oil Supply

Fuel oil is used as fuel for vehicles (mainly vessels), and as fuel for boilers in the system of housing and communal services and technology for drying of grain, livestock heating farms, etc. The company recommends that customers Leshimeksport gost oil. They are shipped to manufacturing plants or storage depots. Shipment of large volumes is fast and under control. You will not have a headache about What will come to you eventually. Little about the parameters indicated in the passport.

Sulfur content. Fuel oils vary in type from first to seventh. Form is determined by the sulfur. The first type containing up to 0,5%, the second up to 1% and so on until seven species with a step 0,5. Flashpoint. This parameter indicates the minimum temperature of fuel oil, at which over its surface meets the number of flammable vapors, which is sufficient for the outbreak. The burning of the fuel oil after this is not happening.

Onset temperature of combustion of the fuel oil called ignition temperature. For what is important parameter – the flashpoint? Usually the passports indicated by the minimum temperature, and she talks about quantitative content of the lungs of volatile fractions. Fuel oil with a flashpoint below 90 degrees is not recommended for use in boilers, because before using the fuel oil is preheated and steam. At too low a temperature can erupt ahead of time and where needed. Too high a flash point, too, is not good for the boilers, because entail additional costs for preliminary heating.