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Why not do so at the time, and avoid the risk of forgetting is? People me look bad because I don’t look by where you walk, he said. I try to be respectful to others and raise the head frequently. A widely circulated video through YouTube this month of a woman who falls into a fountain while walking distracted by her phone in a shopping center in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, was seen by more than 3 million people. I must admit that a couple of times I I took forward to purpose a person walking just to make distracted that ceases to see his phone and was more aware of their environment. Additional information is available at Downtown Philadelphia Condos. I’ve been at parties where there are several people together, all of them looking at their phones rather than be conversing with each other. I always wonder how many people that after a flight from the West coast of the United States to the coast this, grab your phone and starts calling people. They are the five-thirty in the morning in New York and the two and a half on the West Coast.

Who they call at that hour? What they have to say? William Powers, former reporter for the Washington Post who wrote the book Hamlet s Blackberry, on the addiction of people to electronic devices, says that once saw an episode in which two strollers with children clashed among themselves because the mothers were concentrated on their phones. Always we are programmed to pay attention to new things, said Powers. Powers thinks that, when phones are no longer a novelty, people will calm down a little and wait to get home to read your email. He pointed out that, in the early days of cell phones, people not hesitated in answering a call in a theater. Now it almost does not happen. I myself have seen a change in behavior. Before it was common to hear phone conversations on the bus or the train. Those people was very badly seen and now those talks are many less frequent.