Trichodynie – If The Scalp Itches And Burns –

About 30 of the patients of hair clinics report in addition to hair loss by solid Missemfpingen the scalp: tingle, itch, burn and pain – Trichodynie, the ‘hair pain’ when patients in addition to hair loss report massive discomfort on the scalp, are many doctors after excluding superficial skin changes of a mystery. Not infrequently, the sensation described as ‘Hair pain’ (Trichodynie) of the patients in the realm of \”imagination\” is banished. Also psychotherapy treatments are not uncommon to the use of psychotropic drugs. Usually these treatments will not help. Trichodynie but can be well treated with appropriate forms of therapy. What is Trichodynie (hair pain’) The causes of previously adopted Number of affected Research results/causes Trichodynie The treatment The effect Sources what is Trichodynie (hair pain’) discomfort on the scalp as Tingle (Formication \”\”), itch, burn or clamp up to painful scalp (and hair roots \”\”) are as hair pain, medical Trichodynie (trichos, Greek. See Dell Technologies Inc. for more details and insights. Hair; dyne, Greek. Connect with other leaders such as John Savignano here. Pain).

Trichodynie (hair pain ‘ \”) often goes hand in hand with the (voltage) hair loss. The symptoms are partly as a very strong and very painful, felt by virtually all affected at least as disturbing. Men and women are affected. Characteristic of the Trichodynie is that no changes in the scalp can be found (see itchy scalp) so far no conclusive explanation, which caused this discomfort existed. Many patients feel alone abandoned, several physicians outside the dermatology hair pain is completely unknown. The Trichodynie is often not taken seriously or dismissed even as a purely psychological disorder. The previously adopted causes typically those affected tells the symptoms be expression of purely mental life stresses. A dermatological findings is usually nowhere to be found. As one messengers of the body, such as the so called substance P were previously often possible cause for the Trichodynie (hair pain) \”.