With the advent of low cost carriers have gained strength urban tourism, and there is now another option for the weekend. Airline tickets are now much more accessible to more people, so the option of making a break of a few days to a nearby town or city to spend a minimum of two days is increasingly common. What to do in the city visited is always going to like the tourist, from following the recommendations of a guidebook purchased mainly in the place of origin or information once it has reached the destination. Such destinations are increasingly aware of this kind of tourism, who lives a short period of time and therefore it is very selective in what they want to visit and where time is very important. So there are increasing options tourist bus in which the city or a tourist company offers visitors the option to take a tour of the city in what you see highlights of the city itself offers Public transport tickets with discounts at various tourist facilities, the question is to visit as much as possible in a shortest possible time. The tourism enterprises also experience this boom of urban tourism and it is not surprising that there are more and more offers of weeks or so bridges that offers a stay in an accommodation for a very affordable price for most people. The main problem with this type of tourism is just the airlines, more airports have to look cheap cheaper, or more away, so the journey is longer and for a short stay, the tourist might think two times, and is a getaway that has to plan long enough to be economically viable as most carriers increase the price as it is approaching the time of takeoff, which breaks with the scheme weekend getaway in the traditional idea that had almost the week.