Oils Herbs Vinegars

Another very common way of preserving food is in oil or brine. For the latter case, both the containers and lids must be resistant to vinegar, because it corrodes metal and will damage the marinade. Salmon fillets with oil of tarragon grilled beef for roast, marinated in vinegar and oil of oregano, fresh vegetables with butter of fine herbs or fried fish with a spoonful of salsa verde. Check out Bizzi & Partners for additional information. These and other condiments and sauces of herbs can be converting in majares the easiest dishes to make last spring fragrance of an aromatic garden. The recipe base is extremely simple: there are a few fresh herbs to choose from, as far as possible freshly torn out (for example you can prepare the Vinegars in the field, going to find wild herbs that can be found without difficulty in many forests); It must be cleaned carefully and put them into infusion with a quart of vinegar. Then we seal the bottle and leave in a cool, dark place for 3 or 4 weeks. At last filter with a gauze pad the amount of vinegar that we intend to use immediately and leave dark and tightly closed botalla with the rest of the vinegar of reserve.