This is a true story. 10 series: 'An avalanche in ' / 'n Avalanche' (season 2, series 4) Far away in the mountains of 's two friends went to climbers to conquer a dangerous slope. But there was misery. Thirst for the championship turned into a desperate struggle for life. Battling with the avalanche, they felt the full force of destructive weapons of nature. One of the men had to make a terrible choice. Save myself or stay with a friend and look in the eyes of death.

The story unfolds in for eight days. 11 series: 'Missing at sea' / 'Lost at Sea' (Season 2, Episode 5) Two young men trying to establish complex relationships with their fathers. To this end, they decide to go on a fishing trip to Mexico. But after they flew in the clear sky, a sudden storm has led to what they had to land the plane on the water. Survive in a plane crash – is one thing but to stay alive on the high seas – is quite another.

One of them swam to shore for help, but others remain with their fathers, helping them to survive. The story took place in the Gulf of California in Mexico. 12 series: 'In the crater of a volcano' / 'Crash in a volcano '(Season 2, Episode 6) A film crew from Hollywood by helicopter Flied active volcano. Suddenly, a helicopter engine fails and he drops a stone into the boiling crater of the volcano.