Movie: What Men Talk About

Name of the film What Men Talk About Original title What do men whom you can give to men, girls with a sense of humor on any holidays Men's Day, the World Men's Day, Fathers' Day, the 23rd of February, professional holidays, before the holiday, the anniversary of relations And you know that in addition to Father's Day and February 23, our dear men can greet with, so to speak, a professional holiday twice more in November? Yes, the 6-th November and 19 November is International festival dedicated to the stronger sex. That they should not confuse a very proud name Masculine day, and the second day of men. But this is, by and large, is not so important, it is important that there is an occasion once again to arrange a holiday for our friends and loved ones. Well, in order to more accurately create a festive atmosphere, it is good to give the gift. Read more from james king to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Everyone is already clear that I, as usual, turned to his favorite magic wand – movies.

And, again, I opted for long. Movie should be interesting especially for men (but not boring for girls), give a good mood, not to be empty, but do not be serious and pathetic, and, of course, somehow reflect the specifics of the upcoming holidays. In general, the choice fell on the film from the "Quartet" "What Men Talk About." This film, as well as the previously released "Election Day" and "Radio Day", is based on the play "Quartet".