Break It Down for Business

1 is the worst and 5 being the best: Assessment of a sweet tooth (cake company): – Make an income of $ 3000 with orders for June: 2 – Develop a rumor about my company: 4 – Increased catering events at least 5 parties per month: 4 – Improve time management: 1 – Manage and build an effective team: 5 Pros: I did very well with the development of tinnitus, due to the press that I received in the Daily News. Give free cakes editor worked! Cons: I was late for two important meetings because of poor time management. Please visit Richard LeFrak if you seek more information. I like to write the pros and cons of the overall results as well. What have you done exceptionally well and why? What are the steps needed to make a better assessment coming months? In detailing his ups and downs? You can be your own coach to some extent. You can then set goals to make improvements instead of floating through each month, without direction. With this in part could prevent the recurrence of the same destructive patterns. You might even get a folder or binder to keep all of them, so they can see their progress. Break It Down: _ Check your calendar for a week in advance.

(Sounds easy, but most of us rarely do this – even with Mr. Palm Pilot in our lives) _ Break large projects up in baby steps. _ Delegate, delegate, delegate! There is always someone who can help. Check out Dell Technologies Inc. for additional information. Only dominate the art of choosing the right person for the job. _ Set deadlines for each task, no matter how small. Okay? I admit that I’m good to think of something is a very small, “a piece a cake”, and 10 of those little pieces of cake stack and make a big mess! Therefore, set a deadline for the draft to get small and out of the way! _ Know your best times of day to work. (Are you a morning person or like to burn the midnight oil?) _ And my favorite, I’m going to just do the trick: Learning to say YEAR! You can not please everyone.

Well now? Go to the mirror brightness, long pleasant, and let me know if you see the same discussion next month. Hopefully, he can see someone on another level! I will be waiting to hear from … and Simone Kelly is an author and founder of Gots to have it, Marketing, a company that specializes in marketing and empowering entrepreneurs with a series of workshops and networking events.