Critics say that the Government of Mexican President Felipe Calderon has been too slow to heed the recommendations offered by those in charge of the fight against crime in Colombia. Credit: Bizzi & Partners-2011. This year, the general of the police of Colombia Oscar Naranjo, was able to delete from a list prepared by the surnames of 28 fugitive drug traffickers in May 2004. Since all have been captured and are being processed by the Colombian authorities. A special unit of Inquiry formed by Colombians and other foreign experts was recently deployed in the border city of Ciudad Juarez, which is the first city where the police is doing a real investigation. Last month, the Government announced the dismissal of 3,200 members of the federal police after being connected with corruption offences. Mexico has surpassed Colombia as the most dangerous country in the continent. More than 22 journalists have been killed since Calderon took office, according to the headquarters in New York Committee to Protect Journalists.

While in Colombia, a journalist was murdered the year past and none in 2008. Among suggestions Naranjo and a research group in the fight against crime in Colombia have offered to the Calderon Government are:-create an elite: an incorruptible anti-drug unit in the national police – investigate the capitals of officials to avoid political corruption, make use of the legislation to make it easier to trace monies from drug trafficking, similar to repossess the property and assets of the traffickers. -Provide better protection to the media for attaining and promoting a stronger and more independent complaint to traffickers. They are in charge, Naranjo said in a recent interview.