Ramon Gallegos Intelligence

Ramon Gallegos Nava is the founding father of education holistic whose heart is spiritual intelligence, authored worldwide that more has been written on the subject, 25 books so far. Holistic education and spiritual intelligence are parallel tracks, it is a response to the challenges and dynamics of the societies of the 21st century. They are the new paradigm and based on the master and doctorate in education holistic than the coordinates. Holistic learning communities represent the context that makes possible the comprehensive learning and the evolution of consciousness, without this context it is very difficult to make education holistic that won’t exist the conditions that make it possible, there will be no spirit, the aroma, the shared meaning making that develops the holistic education. s on the subject. The processes of collaboration and learning occur within a context of community and creation of unity through diversity. They recognize that the reality is different, that pretend to standardize education with a single method, a single way of evaluating, a single epistemology, a single learning style, a single intelligence, etc. It is absurd in a diverse world with plurality of perspectives on life.

The holistic community is inclusive, integrated and articulated different styles of learning, different intelligences. Different methods. Diversity nurtures the common unit. The holistic community learning is no longer reduced to only the student to learn, is not longer what as we are going to educate the child, but also referred to as the educators holistas, which we’re learning about ourselves and the life we live we are living. In the community holistic all members become students, throughout the Organization learns, everyone in a learning process that has no end, so that learning is live and live is to learn, are aspects that are not separated but that will involve each other, learning community lives in a process of inquiry, has a basis and an application more real.