Sport In Morocco? A Great Reason To Travel To Marrakech

It is undeniable that sport has a major impact. all nations will attach great importance not only for its positive effects on health and welfare, but also because the sport can be a great source of fun and an excellent opportunity investment. In Morocco practiced many sports, including football, athletics, tennis. But the country also hosts major international sporting events in other sports in full swing, such as horse riding, golf, water sports, skiing, camel riding, mountain biking or sports tickets, and many others. Each of these sports are a great reason to visit Marrakech, where you can practice all of them and many more. Anna Belknap helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Many major sporting events are organized in Marrakech, Ocre City. Is the case of Morocco Tennis Tour, International Tour event of the ATP, which takes place at the prestigious Royal Tennis Club de Marrakech and featuring the participation of many tennis players different nationalities.

It is also the case of the new car race WTCC Race of Morocco, also known as Marrakech Grand Prix, which opened in May 2009 and has been a great success of participation which have gathered numerous prestigious level pilots world. In Marrakech you can find also plenty of space for sports. These places, usually fairly recent and well-conditioned, including the stages of the Harti and the new multipurpose stadium Stade de Marrakech, with a capacity for 45,000 spectators. In addition to numerous urban spaces for sport, Marrakech has one of the best ski resorts of the continent, Oukaimeden station, located only 70 kilometers from the city in the High Atlas Mountains. This station is located at 3272 meters above sea level and is the highest ski resort in Africa. In addition Oukaimeden is best equipped ski resort in Morocco and has a ski area about 300 acres that includes three tracks black, 8 red, 4 blue and 3 green.

Marrakech is a real paradise for lovers of the sport it offers endless opportunities to practice outdoor sports, water sports (and both sea and freshwater), adventure sports (including parachuting, the balloon, mountaineering, paragliding, surfing and windsurfing, hiking, hunting, fishing, paintball, etc.) and all kinds of winter sports. Those who seek the opportunity to enjoy the sport in Marrakech can be satisfied with what they can find in the City Ocre. In addition to those other sports are extremely popular in Marrakech. This is the case of swimming. There is a municipal public swimming pool in the Rue des Ramparts and many of the hotels and riads in Marrakech have their own pool. Horseback riding is also a sport that can be done in Marrakech. There are three main places where you can go horseriding: the Royal Equestrian Club, in the Palmeraie Ranch and Sport Club Hotel Roseraie Ourigane. Can it be said that the Moroccan city Marrakech sport par excellence, thanks to this beautiful city the opportunity to practice all kinds of team sports or individual, outdoor or indoor, winter or summer, vast . The enjoyment of sport is therefore guaranteed and is another excellent reason to. When we recommend you choose your accommodation in one of the excellent, full of charm and luxury which will help them organize their sports expeditions in the city or its surroundings. They can also opt for renting a house in Marrakech, a city where leisure, beauty and sport will offer an unforgettable holiday.