Stretch Ceilings

Smooth and beautiful ceiling – the dream of every person. To achieve such a result, you must work hard. If your ceiling is in poor condition, it, besides the usual repairs (putty, primer, paint), we can equip the plasterboard. This method, besides the positive aspects, has a negative moment. In the standard urban apartments, as everyone knows, the ceiling height is small, and installation of suspended ceilings Drywall will make the room even lower, which may adversely affect the general human condition, due to apparent pressure from the top. In recent years, have proved themselves suspended ceilings that are in in great demand, as the wealthy people and people with average incomes. What is a stretch ceiling? This surface is perfectly flat and smooth, which is arranged on the ceiling with a special equipment.

In the first place on the walls is placed and secured a hard plastic or duralumin profile on – to another – baguette. That's up to him and fastened the canvas. Each profile has its specific binding, although all have the same purpose. With a level determined by the lowest point in one corner of the ceiling, and then, stepping down 2 cm, pencil annotation. This distance is necessary for the convenience of secure profile. Further note is made on the remaining corners, again with the help of a level. All levels are no longer needed. To connect all the marked points and hold a straight line, you can use a thin lacing, previously painted in a contrasting color.

Wooden Houses and Lights

Do not want to spoil the interior of a wooden house clumsy wiring, improper electroaccessories. At the same time, security, and demands SNIP impose significant restrictions on the ability of a covert Posting in the wooden walls. How to make invisible wiring, lighting, beautiful, and the whole system – convenient and safe? Open wiring. The easiest way to run wiring open – to dissolve the wires on the walls. In some cases, you can use the cable channels (boxes) of non-combustible material, but most of them refuse to aesthetic reasons. Often make the wiring 'antique' – fixing a wire on porcelain insulators. Picking the proper series of wiring accessories (eg, Berker '1930 '), you can turn a utilitarian task of routing the wires in a stylish design element. Concealed wiring in a wooden house.

Wiring in the ceiling allowed to perform in the tubes from self-extinguishing plastic, provided that the cable and the pipe is not the mechanical action. In the general case, concealed wiring must be done in metal pipes or metal hose, grounded on both sides of each line hoses. Log house is subject to 'shrink', so the logs do not have to provide mechanical action on the padded metal hose and cable in a cable through the walls are made through metal casings. So, if you do not want to use external wiring and minimize the length of the costly and complicated wiring in metal hose, you need special solutions. One of them is to use the control on radio bus – then the wiring to the ceiling light, for example, carried out in nadpotolochnom space, and stand-alone switches on the battery are placed in any convenient location.

Interior Design Apartments

Design styles. Antiquity This design style is widely known for our magnificent monuments of ancient Greece and Rome, monuments of architecture and sculpture. So far, they arouse in us admiration for his inimitable and finished beauty. See Jerry Speyer for more details and insights. The Colosseum, triumphal arches, columns, barrel vault, beautiful sculptures of notable people, gods, goddesses, amazing art painting attracted her harmony and for many are the benchmark for imitation. Professor Rita McGrath spoke with conviction. Design styles. Known for its baroque style-forming element – plastic walls, through which the wall as it is deprived of its main features – reliability and monumentality, gaining unprecedented momentum.

In interior appears deliberate complexity, rounded corners, lots of mirrors, gilded moldings, painted ceilings with effect 'spillover' of the 'transcendental heights. " Style inherent in splendor, greatness scale. The facade and interior richly decorated with decorative elements such as the bas-reliefs, sculptural groups … Design styles. Classicism refers to as the ideal model to the standards of ancient art.

Counteracts the Baroque. Here the main features – the symmetry and simplicity. The smooth surface of the walls, limited amounts of clear, do not hide the structure, soft colors of white and blue, long-term effects in minimalism painting, a perfect landscape that embodies the dream of a golden age. Classicism inherent in beautiful geometric shapes, restrained decor, expensive materials. Often rooms are decorated with sculptures and moldings. Design styles. Nouveau nouveau slogan – 'back to nature'. Characteristic of a complex system of ornament, based on – highly stylized flowers and plants and swans. In Style is a symbol – a sophisticated form of flower tsiklomena.

Interior Design Moscow New Standards

Throughout his life changed a lot, go out of my head the old-esteem and are new rules that are changeable and the feelings and choices of society. Touched coups and the appearance of the interior. Products made of velvet, self-indulgence, conviviality, which were typical for the era of Napoleon, now replaced by moderate, but the functional elements. Suppose a design office or interior design, nothing hinders creativity of its expert case, resulting in a captivating look fun masterly light and shadow, a set of colors and combination of functionality and sophistication in the environment. To broaden your perception, visit Stephen M. Ross. There are several features of the presence of a new interior design. Design office – it long-only, quiet atmosphere along for the sake of the team perfectly, without any reason and individually to any of its members, so in the first place before the personification of a multitude of years a similar project should be weighed, how the interior will help employee productivity.

Desire to present your home an unusual, striking, in some way, even haunting her guests – that pursues the latest appearance of the interior. Uninitiated, the individual will not make trouble erred in so splendid a variety of styles, clusters within more than one century, and the choice of materials, including any in the state to behold what melts chest, but it makes look in his pocket. (A valuable related resource: Professor Rita McGrath). And so, the interior design of Moscow – is essentially the embodiment of habitation in the most daring ideas that address our sustainable life with you, it's also a combination of style and comfort, pride, because with his head held high allowable to say: This thou canst not know of any one place. Design project – is the primary leaves. It includes: calculations, drawings, paintings and sketches, various documentation on these and other cost design of the project is determined solely by you, because that is just the professional you are trying to post a special look at what you want to see an apartment or villa within. Loyal fan will come to address this issue with all scrupulousness dopytaet you everything, every item you will be chewed with only one purpose: to get what they want. The external appearance and interior design office with one hand something commonplace, something that we've learned that surrounds us You, but with a party slays the grace and style, combining elements of the environment and decor, and a desire to brighten our lives is not bright due to variegated smears on the walls, comfort and refinement, in which we are sometimes so need.

Interior Design

As a story, use spring flowers, landscapes, architecture and people of different nationalities. This will revitalize the interior, give it a charm. And of course the picture should be in tune throughout the room. Such a device will emphasize the basic background of the walls, and harmony will calm the host and guests. Treat your young traveler and explorer, hanging in his room above his bed a large poster of an old map, drawn up in the last century (reproduction of course). Let your child explores the world, dreams of long journeys and exploring the city and country. Trendy way in the two bills to change the interior – "decals" on a vinyl basis, which are easily glued onto any surface and just as easily removed without damage to walls and cabinets. You can use ready-made designs – this Funny animals for children, and Oriental motifs, landscapes and portraits.

There are even themed stickers for the kitchen and refrigerator. Not only that they are practical – most pleasant is that these things are quite inexpensive. Lucky owners of apartments in new buildings are often frustrated to find themselves at the ceiling a huge, visually heavy bolt. 'But what to do with it? " – You ask yourself a question. Interior designer can offer you dozens of relatively inexpensive ways to hide that annoying supporting structure.

A small element of a smooth drywall, nice arch, cantilever light. Well, if you have a low ceiling in the living room, it is useful to use a glossy suspended ceiling. This will give space and the solemnity of the room. Yes, and it is not expensive, especially if the ceiling element simple rectangular shape. The main objective of the owner of an apartment or a designer at work on the premises must not be reduced to filling the space expensive furniture and accessories. Design – it's more … We are always happy to help you create a cozy, comfortable and at the same time elegant living spaces, as well as embody imagination of the designer into a reality. moon. Chisinau, str. Petru Rares, 36 tel 022-83-02-06 design studio Stroyka-Team

Diamond Cutting

It is necessary to immediately discard the illusion of an opening to do with amplification without the noise and dust (not dirt). It all depends on where you're going to do the opening. In the new building, into residential accommodation, office and so on. Material and thickness of the wall (brick, concrete, reinforced concrete). What further or concurrent jobs except for diamond cutting of the opening will be held (amplification of the opening, various predremontnye work) and of course, the availability of funds. Professor Rita McGrath: the source for more info. In new buildings and in non-residential premises undoubtedly beneficial dry diamond cutting shlitsefrezerom. It allows you to cut the wall up to 20 cm in thickness and quality of 'wet' (diamond cutting wall saws that cut through the wall) it does not concede, and costs less to order.

For example, the standard aperture dry cutting at 15 cm concrete wall at an average cost $ 150, and 280 cu wet The presence of dust and noise is inevitable, but as a non-residential premises the problem solved itself. Another thing when cutting takes place in a residential area within the walls of a thickness exceeding 20 cm, although there is a big 'NO'. If you have a wall thickness greater than 20 cm and scares you dust or noise from the work of cutting and you only need to cut the gap, the 'wet' cutting, course is at the top of your choice. Virtually no dust (the presence of mud depends on the integrity of the workers), but still noise after the gap will be cut is inevitable, as the concrete slab must also be broken down into parts that need to be taken out of the room. Of course, this is not such a long sound when cut dry method (cutting grinder noise), but still it would have taken into account. Another 'NO' – this is the next enhancement of the opening. Here you will not sound avoided during the preparation of the metal and during the installation of the gain, but if the gain is placed flush to the wall, and dust from the cutting of the walls is inevitable! You just have to make a choice. Where to apply diamond drilling wall saw machines: – If the expansion gaps of 5-10 cm – in the embrasures with preamplification at the edge of the opening – in panel houses the standard series, where the power grid is limited – an insignificant amount of work