Berlin Estate

Monasteries, churches, a luxurious historical Presidential Villa in Budapest, fairytale-like luxury villas high above the sea with endless views of Atlantic Ocean or over the Aegean private islands in Canada in the Atlantic or in Croatia and Greece are also for sale, such as exquisite mansions, luxury apartments and penthouses in Budapest and Vienna, (some luxury real estate:). There are also luxury hotels in the most beautiful cities in Europe, Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Berlin, Vienna, Hamburg, Munich, Budapest and Prague for sale. If you want to now meet your dream and also one of the numerous palaces or luxury real estate at ASP would buy real estate, luxury brokers for castles, castles and manor houses to your call or your message forward. ASP, description of the company real estate ( is the real estate subsidiary of the consultancy Auer, Springer & partners ( ASP real estate has since 1983 to the leading Realtors for castles, castles, mansions, monasteries, churches, luxury hotels and special luxury real estate in the most beautiful places of the Earth developed. In addition to international hotel real estate many are historic castles, hunting castles, moated castles, castles and monasteries from the possessions of the former ruling dynasties for sale offered.

Castles sell luxury brokers and Castle brokers Bodo Graf von Hardenberg and his team especially in the countries of Austria, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Spain and Portugal. Company contact: ASP real estate luxury real estate and castles Bodo Graf von Hardenberg Pilotystr..