Northern California

The symbols also differ from the human figures that convey the information contained therein in any other way. Figures should be interpreted based on the value of their poses and clothes. Symbols – more abstract than the figure, their significance is not so uniquely, so their interpretation must sometimes break down. Their main function is denoted by geographical location – national, state and other points of light, geographical environment – the mountains and the sea, and with images of birds and fish indicate a favorable opportunity. Some countries are known for their inherent characters. Take, for example, the Canadian maple leaf, New Zealand kiwi bird, or an Australian kangaroo. On the joints of the world often indicated several types of characters. On India indicate an elephant or an abstract symbol.

Modern Egypt manifests itself through the pyramid, palm or oval, and Ancient Egypt expressed through stylized Eye of Osiris. On the next page you'll see all these characters. States are denoted by symbols in the form of animals and birds. To one or another state may indicate not only some one animal, since states usually symbolism ruyut those animals that are out there inhabit. For example, flamingos, herons, alligator represent the state of Florida, and a wild bull, the cuckoo and the battleship – Texas. Symbols areas of any country represented in the form of those animals and birds which they are found. For example, the seal shows both the Northern California, Alaska, and in any other territory inhabited by these animals.

Image of a flying goose represents both Canada and the cold states of the United States. Moose denotes both Canada and the northern part of the United States. Elk, which is found in Europe and Asia, points to areas of cold climates. Why do these places are marked on the joints? So it really, we need symbols of different states, countries, and climate zones? They need it or not, but the geographical location affect our lives and play an active role. Remember – the brain tells us about the impact on our people and places. Symbols are used to refer to geographical locations. As know what he says ABI another character? For convenience, symbols are divided into three types. The first type, for example, a pyramid or a kangaroo, has obvious symbolism. Other characters can be explained with common notions of territory and its climate. Most people are well aware that elk in South Florida do not run on forests, but the alligators are found, that the seals do not swim in the Mississippi, but they are distributed in Northern California, Alaska and the Arctic circle. With the help of their own knowledge of geography you are free to interpret the symbols. The second type of characters are representatives of the fauna of the geographic area. There are so many different characters, which in this chapter not mentioned. I report only: those that occur at the joints most often. To summarize. Characters include three types: the apparent meaning; images of wildlife associated with one or another geographic ranges of their habitats, and abstract studies, the study of which is yet to come. I urge you all to join the study of symbols and their meanings: as soon as you discover a new image on some part joint, then try to decrypt it.

Californian Trees

Japanese militarism, when Pluto was in Leo. On this axis of opposition in Aquarius Pluto enters only after 2020. Therefore, expect a nuclear terror is not worth it. The real danger in 2012. However, still one of the cycles of the epochal a major disaster is projected on the date of 2012.

Here are 535 -536 and 542 years BC extant chronicles not testify in favor of a volcanic eruption or a meteorite, but the scientific analysis of the facts of the ice in Greenland and Antarctica, as well as Dendrological examination of sections of old trees in Ireland, Sweden, Finland and California in the U.S., everyone is talking about that in this period was an incredible scale cataclysm. Tree rings were abnormally small that speaks in favor of a serious climate collapse, and cut the ice in this period of the glaciers in Greenland and Antarctica contain a high proportion of sulfides and acid compounds, which they say scientists are in the atmosphere because of strong dust cloud, which could be the cause, the volcano and the impact of a meteorite or comet. The position of Pluto and Neptune is shocking. They are located in the same way as are, will these planets in 2012. Pluto in Capricorn Neptune in Pisces. In other words they were in 2012 to complete its long cycle of this fact causes serious thought to the fact that the cause of the accident may be far away in space, rather than on Earth. Personally, I believe in it.