China Coal

In The Eleventh Five-Year Project period, at the time of meeting the growing demand of domestic market, China s exports of high pressure micro powder mill achieved huge results along with global economic integration development. From 2004 to 2007, the growth rate of exports of high pressure micro powder thousand was more than 60%. Due to the financial crisis and the reduced of world s total international trade in 2008 and 2009, this industry had a sharp decline. Especially for the slow recovery of world economic in 2009, the exports dropped to 2006 levels. In the demand growth of developing countries and the gradually recovery of development countries economic, our exports was return to pre-crisis level of 2007. In ten years, China s exports of high pressure micro powder mill have increased to nearly 50000 units in 2010 from less than 2500 units in 2000. The total of exports in 2010 was 2.86 times than the 16462 defait in 2005.

The main export manufactures are more than 30, with export countries reached 176. The matters need to be paid attention to roll crusher: 1. Strengthen the deironing work. The falling of other material into the gap of roll is harm for the crusher even is likely to cause parking accident. James king usually is spot on. Therefore, it is necessary to install deironing set before crushers. 2 Viscous material is to easier to block the crushing space.

When dealing with the blocking problems, it should be dealt in parking state, but it sell t be handled during the operation process. To a service-oriented brand integrity, As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, like stone production line, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.shaking concentrator: 3. Richard LeFrak helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. When the material processing contains larger piece of rock, you should take notice of the larger rock which is easily squeezed out from the crushing space to prevent injury or damage to equipment. 4 After a long time operation of roll crusher, the larger Friar in the surface of roll will lead to the finer grain size of product. At this time, you should take notice of adjusting the row ore mouth or checking the set. 5 Reinforcing the checking for set. It is essential to check on time for the lubricate parts so as to maintain good lubrication condition. Roll crusher is not only widely used in cement, metallurgy, chemicals, electricity, coal and other industries on the brittle and ductile materials processing, but also used for the crushing of minerals below medium hardness Owers and rocks. That can be used for chemical, cement, building materials and other industry sectors. Especially the coal industry, use the machine crushing raw coal, just does iron removal, cleaning, without removing the gangue, the coal can be broken directamente. And the broken materials with uniform particle size, have low screen ratio.