Search Engines

I hope you read this because it is important to know the importance of today is being on the Internet and many of us do not take account of ignorance or just because we have the idea that the Internet is just another tool in our company and passed on high all the benefits and solutions that can give us if we know the real potential we have in our hands. Many of you already have a website whether personal or business, there’s a big mistake that many make and ultimately brings them no benefit and that great error is to place the name of your company or your personal name website and the reason is very simple GOOGLE, as you know is the biggest search engine on the Internet there are handles 70% of the searches with both the same company Youtube the rest is YAHOO, BING (MSN),

ASK and other small more, these engines are like the yellow pages that have information from around the world that handle only one algorithm to the results of searches of its customers are more accurate now because I tell you that they make a big mistake putting the company name as a domain? Bone (o) and is very simple, searches for many is something general, for example if I live in the U.S. and I buy wholesale Peruvian crafts since I do not know a particular company placed Peruvian crafts, or Peruvian, or Peruvian Handcrafted jewelry, or wholesale Peruvian handcrafted, etc. In the GOOGLE search box, nobody will put the name of your company because the majority who live outside do not know, so if you sell your business Peruvian handicrafts will not appear on the results of those searches losing potential foreign customers interested in buying what you sell.