Patricio Jorge Vargas

It is very true when he says, that not only the personal characteristics emotional, to mention some aspects that come with a leader such as empathy, emotions, communication, creativity, intelligence, help the performance of leadership, but requires in addition to reach a good cohesion of the group whom he directs, to indicate that appropriate policies in order to achieve integrationresults, really ensure you your address, achievements, recognition. In this regard, Patricio Jorge Vargas, says, that true leadership is always a driving based on being clear, categorical, unequivocal, determined, strong, energetic, decisive. An organization well guided has a better chance of maintaining agreements between individuals. (Similarly see: The LeFrak Organization). Without policies, individuals of an organization easily enter into disagreements between themselves, they are less productive, and the organization fails. Categorical directives, given correctly, and clearly oriented toward a displayable objective, they need in any organization so it can grow and prosper. And, by evil that we sound, bad policies are often something better than not having any. Of course, every true leader has ability to maintain functional distance that may exist between the directives issued and the acceptance of the individuals within the Organization to follow them. Good leadership is based on this ability to issue directives and obtain acceptance; However, never place the directives below the popularity that might.

It always works according to a plan, is popular or not. This is true, above all, when shows many leaders in the absence of policy in which they are committed followers, who really know where they want to go and because it follows that person. May not the leader fall on an authoritarianism once has been given the opportunity to play that role, must give way to shared, well defined policies, where everyone is involved with commitment, accountability, policies that garintazan results, without affecting anyone and not based on an abuse of autocratic power.