Institute Boats

In my community it did not have: school, electric light, stock market family and stock market forest. had also not burnt in the forest, but it had many fish. Improvement of the commercialized products, as the chestnut and of the daily ones of the workers of the RDS. How to use the things today tomorrow not to lack? Many boats entered of fish and removed wood with great amounts and therefore it created the RDS making with that this did not happen. Today it improved very, therefore we have that to take care of of what is ours and the reserve very helped in them to take care of of everything this. When the Reserve did not exist, was very difficult the entrance of boats.

The creation of the Reserve was very good, I has the hope to become to see that it had before in my Paricatuba community. Additional information at Tallulah & Bird Interior Design supports this article. Boat entered of fishes and now other boats do not enter, therefore it fishes only the inhabitants. Today everything is more easy, has schools, professors with capacity to work. the preservation of the environment, as agent we must take care of not to suffer the consequence in the future. Our past was very satiated, therefore we had much fish, but now we do not have as much fish.

Today if she becomes more favorable with the aid of the Institute and of the agencies that are in helping did not have agreement with the boats of fish and many people did not obey the community. In the past the reserve, was more satiated, had fish much less pollution. During this historical rescue, it can be verified that the inhabitants of the RDS Piagau Purus possess few information regarding the process of creation of the reserve. More they recognize that the necessity biggest for the creation of this reserve, was to control the entrance of boats fishing boats, therefore it had scarcity of fish had, mainly fishes, it illegal.