Look at the other representative of a strong half of his face painted all his tumultuous biography – by 50 years face looks like a baked apple. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Gavin Baker. But the right person and the whole body is covered with loose skin under which there are bumps benign tumors – the consequences of injuries, trauma, inflammation. The human body is designed so wisely to be able to regulate itself. And if some part fails, the other comes to her aid. But we're fools to try to ditch it all at once, or only look at what we think the most important to others. Poor skin condition leads to a general fading of the body, affects the metabolism, the work of enzymes, hormones. In particular, for men – decreases testosterone levels.

It is no accident that during or after the trip to the bath increased the desire of many. Hormonal system tends to normal as possible and testosterone increases. That is why a real man to walk regularly preferably in a bath Men's skin needs constant care. Let's start with the person. Men, I highly recommend skin lubricated suitable for them cream in the morning and evening. Periodically change the cream. Oiling is not necessarily proprietary cream is cheap and high quality.

And no, you can prepare yourself. I have often written as it is done with deodorized sunflower oil herbs and essential oils. The main thing to pick what fits. Facial skin requires special care because experiencing the greatest burden, but perhaps with the exception of the hands.