Ennis-Brown House From “Blade Runner Movie “

Searching for images related to the pyramids in the games, I have found a unique frame. It has to do with the film "Blade Runner". Save it for your collection and do not even think that a couple of days to tell about it. If no … … …

.. one event. Throughout the week, evenings, over a cup of coffee watching the series "Body Parts (Nip / Tuck 2003). Series about plastic surgery, so most of the watching eyes closed. Only one series has made me staring at the screen with my mouth open.

It showed the famous knowledge Ennis-Brown House. Seeing him, I jumped on a chair. The building is lit up in many films. For example, in the film "Black rain (Black Rain 1989) with Michael Douglas, as well as in "Predator 2" (Predator 2, 1990) and "Rush Hour (Rush Hour). But most of all remember it at the heart of scenery flats Rick Deckard in the movie "Blade Runner". Building Ennis-Brown House is located in Los Angeles. Its designed by Frank Lloyd Wright *, the man who famous design museum Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York. * Frank Lloyd Wright (Frank Lloyd Wright, June 8, 1867 – April 9, 1959) – American architect and innovator, who had a huge impact on Western architecture in the first half of XX century. The creator of "organic architecture" and advocate of open-plan. Wright was born June 8, 1867 in Richland Center, Wisconsin, the son of William Russell Wright, a music teacher and church leader, and Anna Lloyd Wright, teacher from well-known family in Wisconsin Lloyd. He was educated in the canons of Unitarian Church. As a child playing with a lot of "developing" designer "Kindergarten" developed by Friedrich Froebel. Parents Wright were divorced in 1885 by due to the inability of William the family. Frank had to take on the burden of financial responsibility for his mother and two sisters.