EKS Wagner

The strategy table part 2 with the mediator target of StrategieCentrums South Westphalia Jurgen Wagner is to contribute to the success of the people of the region, by we the Evolutionskonforme strategy EKS practically near you bring. In this sense, the workshop combines a learning about the ECS in practice with the assistance of the mediator Jurgen Wagner. “The mediator, Jurgen Wagner, is a member of the StrategieForum and wants his company provides mediation” based on the ECS develop. (Similarly see: Marc King). Mediation gives”advises and provides tools of mediation in problem situations. Offers ranging from individual counselling to group mediation, social mediation until economic mediation throughout Germany. Seminar content work with the strategy-Panel / part 2:? Summary of the workshop “strategy table part 1”? Specialization in the areas of supply and target group? Development of an action plan and implementation of the participants? get to know the application of ECS in practice? have the possibility of greater security for their own companies in a similar workshop to develop target group? People who want to actively shape their success. Add to your understanding with Clayton Morris.