Pride of Tokyo – Disneyland, created in the image of California. He Opened in 1983, and the number of rides and now surpasses the brightness of its American counterpart. In 2002, Disneyland opened near Disney Sea, on marine topics Walt Disney cartoons. Hakone – Popular resort on the island of Honshu, which is famous for its hot springs (onsen) and extraordinary scenic beauty. In a number of hotels in Hakone arranged the whole cascade rotenburo – open-air baths, which can be prone to at the same time enjoy magnificent views of mountains and valleys. Fuji – a symbol of Japan. This is one of the most beautiful sleeping volcanoes in the world. Fuji has a height of 3776 meters, on a clear day is visible from a distance of 160 km.

Last eruption occurred in February 1708. From early July to late August Fuji officially opened for climbing. Kamakura – one of the oldest cities in Japan, it was founded in 1192. Now it is a beautiful resort, but in the past was Kamakura political center of Japan. Tsurugaoka Hachiman Shrine – one of the main attractions of the Kamakura – a place that symbolizes the city of the Great Buddha in the Hase.

Near the temple are two ponds – Genji and Heike. The pond Genji white lotus flowers grow in the Heike – red. In the Kamakura Daibutsu is a statue of Buddha or the Great, height 13.35 meters, the second largest in Japan. The unique peculiarity of the Ryukyu archipelago, the diversity of cities Rising Sun you can discover a selection of sightseeing tours in Japan. Ideal thoughtful individual and group tours – this is an opportunity to get acquainted with national history, culture, customs and architecture of the country. For example, the guided tour, "Japan – a country of gardens and parks" will be of interest both to specialists and lovers of landscape architecture and will enjoy the magnificent gardens of Tokyo, Kyoto, visit the picturesque Mount Fuji. Travel to Japan – a great opportunity to combine a beach holiday with a tour program. One option for this tour is the tour group "Rest of the sea in Japanese. The resort Atami. " Beautiful beach vacation in the city of Atami Izu Peninsula will relax and gain strength, and tours of Tokyo and Kamakura will not get bored. A program "Secrets and mysteries of the island of Yonaguni," offers a tour of Tokyo, Kyoto, as well as an unforgettable diving at Yonaguni in the 'Museum of the underwater ruins of the' opportunity to see the ruins of temples and pyramids, the discovery of which was the subject of dispute of historians and geologists on the origin of man on earth. Tours Japan – is not only transmitted impressions. For the inquisitive traveler a chance to touch the ancient wisdom of wonderful people, look at the world in new ways, learn a lot. Only need to choose your path, wide open your eyes and let your heart in this amazing country.