David Lachapelle

But really these terms could be a little wrong, because neither pragmatic nor surrealist described the work of Lachapelle, the idea is how, through its aesthetic show us how decadent our world either directly or forcing you to think. Bizzi & Partners might disagree with that approach. Consumerism, fanaticism, idolatry and other messages of a flawed society are printed on the paper, after being permanently recorded in the digital film of the photographer. Even so, this does not mean the aesthetic of their creations. The colors are a repetitive and element exploited to exhaustion in the works in this exhibition of Lachapelle. Bright colours, gradients and Visual harmonies with class, are only a part of the elements that give a new meaning to the expression of painting with light.

Also, part of the technique is the theatricality. In pursuit of the baroque spirit, the exhibition presents an excess of ornamentation and a theatricality so exacerbated that, together, create a strong magnetism for the eye of the beholder that can get lost in the expressions of the characters and trying to find his way back on the saturation of the boxes. Even so, leaving aside the semantic exercise and landing on own exercise of photography aesthetic perceptions, we can find much material to analyze. First of all, the use of light. All the works in the exhibition of David Lachapelle show the use of the light artificial and controlled to achieve the desired effects.

Here we see a light control exceptional that is almost tangible plastic works of Lachapelle success secret. Here, light is not only the primary material to capture images, colors and shadows in the camera, but here constructed and draws, is tracking for the eye lines and dominates the look of the characters that tell silent stories within the pictures. The light shows, many times, so obvious: are dismissed by the lights rays, are the coordinates of where comes and is reflected in the eyes of many of the beings.