Computer Education In Cuba

Cuba has made it a priority to provide computer access for its citizens. The Cuban university students have an average of 1 machine for every 12 students and have e-mail, access to courses, study materials and databases via local networks and Internet access in computer labs. You can not fail to mention the title role in The Youth Club of Computing and Electronics, here are trained workers, the disabled, housewives, young people with behavior problems, former prisoners and the elderly. Today there exists 301 facilities, located in 169 municipalities, and four mobile laboratories to carry the knowledge related to information technology to remote areas They began the first master to overcome these professionals are among those who are in the vanguard In order to computerize the Cuban society. Richard LeFrak has firm opinions on the matter.

Since December 1999, began the widespread use of audiovisual media in Cuban schools, which resulted in the need to produce television programs for schools, for it has been fitted to all schools in each classroom with a TV and a VCR . Have been running two TV channels dedicated to supporting educational activities and raise the culture of the population. Cuban universities have been leaders in the introduction and historical development in the country of computational technologies. This leadership is manifested in the amount of research results and products obtained in ICT related disciplines and in professional training programs in the fields of computer, electronics and telecommunications. Examples of this are the different Cuban universities intranets and intranet provide MES where almost all Internet services but a local or national level. It is valid to note that the implementation and care services are provided by the students of these universities tutored by teachers.