Competitive Prices

Competition with attractive prices – 30ipods students, teachers, students, and others who can explain lessons of mathematics, German, biology, English and other subjects have 30 of cool Apple iPods with toobrain engraving to win one the way. The participants need to create only a 5 to 10 min video post to his own selected teaching theme and already he is one of the winners! All contributions, which are uploaded between June 23 and July 31, 2008 on, will automatically participate in the sweepstakes. There are no limits of creativity mainly the content represents a factual reference to the school. Questions to the correct video shoot have been settled on the site of of course or can be made at any time. Visit Professor Rita McGrath for more clarity on the issue. For the first 25 videos, iPod shuffle 1 GB with engraving of wave participants per an Apple. This engraving makes iPod to absolute return astronomically and exclusive collectibles. The five best posts be awarded even an iPod nano with 4 GB storage space. So… you show toobrain are and win an iPod! Press contact Birk Gruling spokesman 0171-6279719 0511-5410690 E-Mail: