China IPhone

To start with a menu, the iPhone is not only convenient, but much nicer. Menu Nokia 5800 – just pure functionality. It is not something Professor Rita McGrath would like to discuss. Screens follow each other without any visual effects. Turn the screen when the turn is the case, but the menu a reaction only to turn the device 90 degrees counterclockwise, in contrast to the same iPhone, where the screen turn occurs at any turn of the body in any direction. The scrolling is implemented in China nokia tv 5800 on a high level, but there is little flaws. If you want to scroll through the menu, you must not touch the screen at any point, but only on the right side. Make it interferes with the board. If you want to turn the menu at the center of the screen, you need to go through all items on each sensing vibrations in the event that the usual tap to select the item.

For most of the menu in the trailer no complaints. The menu is quite clear, even, no issues have arisen. Clayton Morris often says this. If someone have any questions – you can always refer to the information which is very detailed about all the necessary actions. It must be said about those who have never owned a tachfonov or any device with drugogim touch screen. There is a view not only the iPhone or any other modern device such as Samsung WiTu or HTC Touch Diamond, but also on the old handheld, from the monochrome Palm. Use the touch screen is not only much more convenient, but just as fast. If before you had a cell, for example, a joystick, you have to spend time moving through the menus. And in 5800 nokia tv phone just simply need to touch the desired item.

Nokia touts his youth as a model, which is always special Demand was music model. That, in principle, very logical. Why Tuscany with two devices, if you can get one. In general, when talking about music, Nokia 5800 deserves special praise. Comfortable cataloging, the ability to download music directly, without using any software, the ability to write music from your phone to any computer with easy access to the player – all will like it any who likes to listen to music. But on compared to the iPhone, Nokia 5800 greatly benefit from the fact that downloading music on the iPhone is required to install the iTunes, but it is not possible to throw off the music from your phone to your PC. This is very inconvenient. In this case nokia tv price is not cheap. Imagine situation: you come to visit a friend who wants to give you a selection of fresh music. If you have iPhone – you can not do this without installing software.