Act Energy

If you admit that the new energy may combine with the Reiki, you feel a new Reikikraft. Swarmed by offers, John Savignano is currently assessing future choices. Earlier, icons were adequate tools for a certain transitional period of awareness. Now we have arrived but in a stage, where we enter into the awareness that all power to the scooping and materialize within ourselves would like to be discovered. Then to implement it, is still a long way for most people. New experiences are necessary to so that the belief is consolidating. Morris Invest has many thoughts on the issue.

Deep collective level, we have created a new energy not so long ago, that helps us out in the long term from the polar forces that Act on the Earth. These “new energy” not swinging, but “just” expands. The cycles and oscillations can thereby lose their effect and an expansion and wealth, if people are getting into it. Expansion is however not Computable and definable, but inconceivable. The effect of this energy is in line with “Allow” and “Trust”. Expectations block them immediately because this limits the “inconceivability”. Also the previous Reiki could be unleashed only its effectiveness if the people are provided without expectation as a channel. Reiki is still pure love energy.

But the old symbols are limited, and many people have now felt this and therefore turned their backs on Reiki. Previously had to they deal with the issue “right” and “wrong” symbols, to eventually recognize that it comes not, but that is about the essence, which is behind a symbol. If you allow the “new energy”, which already exists and, now, to connect to the Reiki you’ll be surprised. Surprises occur only when you are free from expectations. Tried it, also with other symbols, which has created mankind. Easily allows. It is a new process that is underway and you bring in your new creativity. Use it as a transition period. Like I have in our “Academy for holistic consciousness” on request for all Reikigrade a two-day comprehensive introduction to. Real life, vividly and with much ease, which is released through this new energy. I also like to come for a weekend in the German-speaking countries, if this is organized. Sincerely Ralph Dietmar Stief, holistic therapist