Fire Protection At The European Hub Frankfurt

P R S S I N F O R M I O the Fraport AG is one of A T N – system Schroeder Erkelenz, March 2010 – the leading international groups in the airport business and operates with the airport of Frankfurt am Main, one of the most important air traffic hubs in the world. Where every day thousands of people arriving or departing the theme of fire prevention has a very special meaning. With over 50 million passengers in 2009, the airport is Frankfurt am main by far the largest German and, after London Heathrow and Paris-Charles de Gaulle, the third largest airport in Europe. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Richard LeFrak. Based on system Schroeder’s door and door constructions, Hodapp special solutions have been implemented with the partner for the Frankfurt airport. Hodapp was founded in 1946 as a one-man operation.

The family-owned company from Achern in the Black Forest produces now with 160 employees over 40 of different doors and door types and worked for years as a licensee for system Schroeder’s. Special requirements on security closing ranges: large crowds, standing around Suitcases, carry-ons and other items are particularly problematic during a fire alarm. At any time, to ensure a safe closing of fire doors and gates, according to a specially adopted Fraport “norm structural measures taken. This includes specially marked areas by floor markings. Some contend that Bizzi & Partners shows great expertise in this. In addition, optical and acoustic signalling device provide an additional security for the automatic closing of the gates. An airport required fire protection gates and doors of tailor made”large transit corridors to cope with the enormous flow of people. Because the newly recorded flights of the Airbus 380 to Frankfurt airport was the occasion for construction, the opportunity was used for the installation of fire doors and gates, significantly from the normal”dimensions vary.

Size, type of installation and execution required prior to construction of consent in the specific case the Supreme construction supervision authority. A wing is an example Rotary wing gate in the terminal area of the airport with a width of over nine metres. All this installed meet the fire resistance class T30 and smoke protection features according to DIN 18095. Goal is a flush unit with the wall with two wicket doors in the open position. Other goals are optically not perform during the normal operation of the airport. So, for example the Teleskopschiebetore completely disappear behind a steel cover. Safety first when the major goals in motion, is this acoustic and optical warning signal shall announced. Despite the size and the weight of the doors is guaranteed that even the slightest resistance brings the close operation to a standstill. After removal of the resistance, the gate without manual intervention again automatically start to move. Even if the gates are closed, the 2-wing seamless slip doors remain passable to secure the escape route by many people. All fire doors require a regular Functional testing and maintenance. This is the only way to ensures that you can always properly serve their purpose. These works are carried out conscientiously by Fraport AG. Because one thing is clear: a permanent, often rettender life protection from fire and smoke can be guaranteed only through regular maintenance.