Interior Design Future

Unity with nature in recent interior designers and architects can give more preference to natural forms, borrowing ideas from nature. It is not difficult to explain, because life in the big city is constantly widens the gap between man and natural for him initially habitat. Therefore, on a subconscious level, we seek to reunite with nature, embodying its form in the interior of their homes. The extent to which This problem is relevant in our day, shows an interesting fact. Recently, an official representative of the German branch of McDonalds, Mr. Holger Bek said that in the near future in the design of each new restaurant will be required used the green color palette.

Moreover, well over the familiar letter M in the signs must be green. These changes were the result of special investigations confirming the beneficial effect on mind and mood of the modern man of natural shades. Direction in design and architecture, embodying the symbiosis of man and nature, called bionics. To give its formal definition is quite difficult, as bionics as multifaceted, as nature itself. But one noticed very precise: being in such an interior, a person experiences a sense of movement in the peace and quiet – in the movement space. Remember the world of forest dwellers from the Citadel screens at the beginning of this year's film "Avatar" and you immediately understand the depth and harmony bionic concepts. Smooth lines, sometimes repeating the shape of plants and animals, the spherical shape, the minimum number of angles, indirect lighting, multilevel ceilings – these are some features of the house of the future.