Cabo San Antonio

With an extension of more than 25 kilometers, the beaches of Jvea allow to find in them our ideal place us. Besides owning own natural beauty, in each beach variable nautical sports practice. Between the most known we can emphasize: – Pope or Tang: small cove next to the Nautical Club and near the reserve of the Cabo San Antonio. It owns routes to realise senderismo. – The Gravel: it is an urban beach that is in the area of Customs of the Sea, to the south of the port and near Beach Pope and Montaar. – Montaar 1: beautiful beach semi-urban, near luxurious villas. It is formed of ninepin and rock.

Their waters are paradisiac turkish color. It offers practices of candle, water skiing, windsurf and motorcycles of water. Near the Gravel and the sandy ground. – The Sandy ground: within beaches of Jvea, she is most famous. Recognized like beach of great quality, it owns blue flag granted by the European Union.

Their waters are little deep. One is surrounded by leafy palms and it counts on the National Inn. Next to Montaar 2 and It pierces White. – White Pierces: also well-known like ” The Caleta” , one is a calm cove of gravel and ninepin. It is only possible to be acceded on foot. It offers a precious view to white rock cliffs and comprises of the Route of Viewpoints. Near the Sandy ground and It pierces Sardinera. – The Cabin or Portitxol: it is a cove located in the cove. It owns impressive cliffs covered with vegetation. Their waters are pure and of deep blue color. In front of her we found the Island of the Portitxol, an ideal place to dive next to exotic marine arcs, corridors, rocky tunnels and formation. The Cabin comprises of the Route of Viewpoints. One is located enters Cove Sardinera and Ambolo. – Ambolo: located to the south of the Cabo of the Nao and in front of the Island of the Discoverer it is an almost virgin beach. There we will be able to realise immersions between the prairies of poseidonia. Near the Cabin and the Granadella. – The Granadella: conformed by a cove in pure state he is ideal for activities of marine exploration. It is possible to be acceded through a way by means of a forest. It belongs to the Route of Viewpoints. The Beach is between Ambolo and Of Moraig. With a combination of comfort, nature and beauty, Jvea do not stop enamoring to visit those who it. If you share east feeling and its desire is to wake up contemplating beautiful beaches of Jvea, in Real estate Jvea we can recommend to him enters the great range of apartments and Towns of Luxury located in forward edge, to few meters of the beach.