It remains then synthesized from this point of view the elements that make up the target cost, say price target and profit objective. We understand that in the determination of both elements of the dynamic analysis must be the starting point and the basis for further calculation, but can not be a simple extrapolation of the trend. In the case of price objective assessment criteria of the tourism product is essential for determining the indicator. This allows to know the future prospects of that product in terms of price levels and what current trends may be valid in the future. This analysis must be complemented with the study of the characteristics of the tourism area in which the product is inserted.

Utility of an objective basis with respect to only target price is closely linked to the elements that determine the price target. But the determination of the utility objective also includes aspects such as assessment of the condition of the hotel industry, needs repair and Investment, the country's policies regarding the return on investment, the claims of the owner and his contributions and commitments loan repayments. This ultimate magnitude that is conducive to the interest new investments. All of the above expressed mathematically be reduced to the determination of the percentage of profits to be obtained from the target price. Methodological strategy for calculating the target cost in a hotel installation Once proposed cost analysis will be described the stages proposed in the procedure for determining the target cost.