Mortgaged Property

According to European experts, today – the most notorious and much-predicted peak activity of the global financial crisis … and it's time to gleefully rub their hands to those who Pricop still some money for a rainy day … It now quite profitable to buy an apartment, country cottage, car, antiques and jewelry. Having examined the relevant information, we see firsthand that the banks are actively selling off the collateral. Moreover, the choice of goods (or, as many say lots) is really huge. . Take it – do not want …

or it would be better to say: take it, if only the money left. Although, by the way, all the "blood" vending confiscated "not eat" … And yet, let's in order. To begin with, that has the greatest demand in the market. This is, undoubtedly, residential real estate and personal vehicles. Analyze further … will outline the situations in which the confiscated property is sold.

In the first If a mutual agreement between the bank and the borrower, in which one party wants to quickly get a credit, settle with creditors, and the second – to repay the debt by means of "least resistance". There is another case where the financial structure of the mortgaged property confiscated in order to sell it to pay off debts. Considering the two situations are not difficult to understand that the cost of the car or an apartment directly proportional to the percentage of intractability of the bank and the lender: In the first case, the bank and the plaintiff would seek to sell the mortgaged property as expensive as possible (so that each party receives its share of profits), while in the second to According to the debtor's particularly no one listens – the bank seek to hurry to part with credit meters, so the implementation is at the lowest price – only to cover the debt to the bank. It is quite clear that similar approach is much more profitable to purchase the same villa at a price that is several times less than the market value of the property. People who have savings under the pillow, try to buy mortgage car or home. The reason is quite simple – the relatively low prices today and the unstable future of tomorrow – after the presidential election. And to add here yet and the decision of the Verkhovna Rada on banning judicial forfeiture banks have homes careless lenders – and emerges a fun flat. There will be confiscated – will not be "nice" to the public prices. Elections are held – again, go mess with foreign currency and, then again, the price of collateral (mostly flat) "crawl" up. When using materials from this page link to ZASTAVATORG.ORG required for Internet-editions – hyperlinks are not closed for indexing by search systems. 2010, Zastavatorg