New Online Travel Guides

As a well-functioning form of travel, those responsible for their release, they are trying to increase the service provided by the search engine, incorporating a series of travel guides with information, advice and practical recommendations for the various uses of the deals offered. “Due to the increasing number of searches that we have been observing since April the launch of the portal, also believed deals finder, the page should incorporate a handy guide to destinations, announced Manuel Oliva, spokesman for the network responsible The new web portal guides that include all the practical aspects to consider before making the reservation and travel to any destination, also offer a short guide to the monuments and interesting activities that can be performed in each of the cities presents. Interesting also are the entries made on the best map of the destination city as well as a glossary of key words necessary to travel to places of tenders. These guides are an added value to search for travel deals already offered, offering a more useful and more complete by the service that our website offers “Mr. Oliva has been sentenced in relation to the subject of the new inclusion. The network that is active since late 2003 is maintained by a group of professionals passionate about the web and have already launched 35 new sites in 2007 alone.

3) New website of real estate deals Finder also offers decorating tips, security and Internet law since this week has a new form of real estate deals:. The website gives the typical search for buying and selling of real estate and rental and includes among the possible search homes, apartments, land, houses, houses and all types of properties that make up the housing market. The form is completed by a series of guides on decorating each of the different parts of the home and home safety and even as a novelty, a guide to housing legislation. “We launched in this way, a real estate search engine, revolutionary which also affects the legal practicalities that affect the purchase, sale and Somerville property, rather than in what they had thought the other search engines so far.” So Juan Pedro Martinez be referred to the presentation of this new form. The new portal facilitates the passage of a complicated industry with its inclusion on the Internet is becoming a little easier. Active since the end of 2003, the portal is a European network of vertical domains seeks to serve as guide for products, services and information. Produced by a team of Internet professionals and passionate about the web, manage Go Advertising Limited. One of its 35 new creations this year is the portal


Between Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) and petroleum Brasileiro (PETROBRAS), was also referred to the joint development of the Mariscal Sucre project, the development of a joint project in the Orinoco Belt, business and cooperation activities in the area of production and distribution of lubricants, cooperation in the area of refining, trade and maritime transport, scientific collaboration and training of personnel. In addition, it signed a complementary arrangement to the basic agreement on technical cooperation for the construction of the third bridge over the Orinoco River. In the area of mining, Brazil and Venezuela agreed to the creation of the company called CARBOSURAMERICA S.A., whose objective is to promote the mining of coal; the signing of the Memorandum of understanding for the establishment of strategic alliances to install a mining industrial complex metallurgical and mining developments and processing between the Corporacion Venezolana de Guayana (CVG) and the company Vale do Rio Doce.A starting from July 1997, established the desirability of economic agents offer clear and predictable rules for the development of trade and investment, promoting more active participation in the economic and commercial relations between Venezuela and the Brazil, within the framework of the Andean Community. Now Brazil and Venezuela started a new era of abundant energy negotiations, aware of the importance of this source of energy in the international trade. To this must be added the relevance of taking into account some basic aspects of both actors, so you can point out with respect to Brazil which has a population and economic volume that makes it the most powerful country of the MERCOSUR, being an important exporter of more than 70 million dollars. It contained in its export policy, Venezuela reaching ever smaller volume dependent products from the neighboring country, but with aspirations of increasing exports within the incorporation of our country to the southern market. Then the serious power crisis in Brazil in 2001-2002, Dynamics has become more complex, by which the commercial support of Venezuela, would provide you internal stability in this area and take advantage of the third largest reserves of gas in Latin America, increasing its exploitation in the short term.