Venezuelan Christmas

I would like to know what they do in other latitudes; because we are becoming crazy.First by the consumerist hedonism that makes rave buyers and makes people laugh out loud of hinged jaws, to traders who expect these seasons as Cayman in mouth of pipe or wife year-end profits, some kept husbands also. But the ridiculous assholes who has been violating its idiosyncrasies make it and if they do not put a pine tree, with garlands of Holly leaves, artificial step, co costly scenes, intermittent bombillitos, gifts to your foot, decorate the House with facilities that seem to the Fifth Avenue in New York, and the more kitsch, in the celebration of the twenty-fourth of December sprayed with spray snow, if can’t miss a Venezuelan Christmas without snow. We returned we shit, or definitively, alienation has no limits. I remember Christmas when I child was, we did a manger with love, where the entire family was involved, and even sang Christmas carols at work. Now, everything is a tree, dolls with scarf, san nicolases with reindeer, and all the paraphernalia of boreal winter in a country that until cold merida of yesteryear, today has an unbearable heat that neither Maracaibo.

We went crazy. Here does not end in the Saudi Venezuela in the 1970s, however, the Scottish he bathed to all the inhabitants of this land of grace, now are light beers or light, that they scratch or feed, and I think that in the future we will have a party of people dying of diabetes; Ah, and even urinate in the streets, corners, patios and some even in the wardrobes of your House; until my friend Orlando, Pee the fridge to your family with ham and everything, thanks to the beers that leave the ducts of urethral limpiecitos, as well as le sucedio friends from a building, the owner of the penthouse is ambiguity or passage of long and le quemo hanging gardens in the the condominium balconies. And continuing with my literary exercise, and thanking them for me keep reading in advance. Because remato my article with the climax of the high of the Stupidity: I am referring to the advice of the new era. When we knew the spirit of Christmas in this country, we have gotten to stumbled a new pod for more than one decade.To dolls and all, prayers and are waiting for the time in that will come. That we eat grapes of time, that we put yellow interiors, that load suitcases, which remove the left shoe, than busques wealth. Cone, are returned shit. Happy new year. In the new, please, enough of is esnobistas. Original author and source of the article.