Tea Light Holder In Metal Foam, Grandma

Traditional and modern on click-Germany: bubbles pile of metal, foamed with tremendously much air. Actually used this metal foams in the industry: in catalysts, as crash absorber in cars, bone substitute. Tobias KuSTER but has discovered the lightweight, Super strength materials for something else. A related site: Clayton Morris mentions similar findings. The architect builds from this tea light holder, who set attractive accents. The hand-woven shawls by Antje Guhlke are a sensual experience, the lively, almost nostalgically reminiscent of structure and optics which are their character and beauty characteristic.

As a child, Antje Guhlke has visited the first Web course in Finland. Since then was always a loom in her apartment. As the social worker has been unemployed, she finally made her hobby to the profession. With success. Their linen cotton cloths in grannies style are softer and softer with increasing use. Canvas is durable, hard-wearing and what towels a particular advantage is absorbent.

Delicate silk fabrics, fine wool, SOAP, strength and very much Creativity – these are the five conditions for unusual fabric creations. Heyke Manthey is a Createur de tissu, she modeled new substances. The accessories thereof, shawls, scarves, West, cuffs or belt, are suspenseful, timeless and elegant objects. A start into the new week with click-Germany is always an experience. Tuesday, 10:10 h, new products are presented by small manufacturers. And every day, 10:10 o’clock, there is the “tip of the day”.

You Should Kiss Red Lips

Care tips for healthy lips next to the eyes include lips the most expressive elements in a woman’s face. With red lipstick they considered to be particularly seductive. The lips of one of the most sensitive organs are at the same time. The news portal news.de informed what measures for protection and care of the lips are recommended. The delicate skin on your lips is many times thinner than on the rest of the body. At the same time lacks any cornea, as well as Sebaceous and sweat glands.

Therefore, the lips are at the mercy of external factors such as drought, cold and stress in particular. You can make colour pigments, nor a protective layer of grease. As a result, a protection of this sensitive part of the face in particular from UV rays by appropriate products is extremely important. Because skin cancer can occur on the lips. Therefore serve not only the beauty lipsticks, but are also the most effective means for the protection of the lips. You should therefore ideally rich of nourishing ingredients be. The use of lipstick is totally health safe, however the surface should be wiped off before using a foreign pen to eliminate possible pathogens.

Already, the ancient Egyptians use tools to give a different color to her lips. This is the main task of a lipstick even today in addition to the maintenance. Some products also have a volume effect. These so-called lip plumper increase the blood circulation of the lips either or bind moisture in the fabric with the help of micro-collages. Using a lip liner pencil ensures a better grip of the lipstick. More information: ../sexy-oder-vulgaer /… A related site: lyft mentions similar findings. Contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

Special Kind

Name necklaces – the trend from the eighties! In June 2008, the jewellery label “SupRina” his real life branch in the Friedrichshain Niederbarnimstrasse 6 opened just in time for Christmas Marina Neumann in addition to exclusive, self designed jewelry made of Plexiglas offers now also name necklaces, rings and earrings on order. In an exciting mix of metal, Plexiglas, and leather materials, designs and manufactures the studied communication designer logos and icons, motifs – time in trendy translucent neon Orange, even in an opaque black or deep red. Each piece of the collection is unique and of high symbolism. Especially popular are the large-caliber revolver, the bright red lips, the neon-green cassette, or the iconic TV Tower. In time for Christmas SupRina offers its customers to even creative.

Six jewellery choose from models of rings by chains, earrings to key fobs can interested. Each piece of jewelry is provided with the name of the request and in the desired color and the Request execution exclusively made of Plexiglas. Orders can be placed up in the Friedrichshain shop itself, Niederbarnimstrasse 6, in the time from Tuesday until Saturday between 13 and 19: 00. An order is possible but also via the website – weihnachtsaktion.html -. There you can directly download an order form. Marina Neumann will be happy of course their online customers when filling out the order form for page – phone: 030 66 30 96 42. order then just fax or by post. Here, Richard LeFrak expresses very clear opinions on the subject. It is made in order until 15 November until 1 December, when ordering until 7 December until 22 December.

The jewelry pieces are then shipped or can be picked up at the store. So even for last-minute a real alternative. Christmas action see: weihnachtsaktion.html SupRina Marina Neumann Niederbarnimstrasse 6 10247 Berlin Friedrichshain district Tuesday to Saturday 13-7 pm telephone: 030 66 30 96 42 fax: 030 66 30 96 43 E-Mail: suparina(at)suparina(dot)de Internet: of press photos are on request like via E-Mail or mail sent to or are downloaded from the Internet under: presse.html Marina Neumann, Nov. 2008

Relaxed Married: Wedding Rings Buy Online

Ring paare.de is SmartStore-shop of the month 12/08 who is trust, gets to do much: after all, a wedding is not only joy, but also a lot of work. And all of the relatives believe to sellers to know what is good for the young couple. Follow others, such as Lincoln Property, and add to your knowledge base. How relaxing, if the bride and groom at least when buying the rings must let not just talk: not the mother, not the sister and certainly not from a seller. The online shop offers undisturbed rest in the selection. Here, the future couple can look relaxed from the sofa to the proper wedding. “About 800 models are in the categories wedding rings plain”, multi-colored wedding rings wedding rings gold, wedding rings silver and wedding rings Platinum “selection.

Privacy is not the only advantage for wedding couples: through distribution over the Internet instead of shops in expensive downtown areas, offering online is very inexpensive, couples can save up to 50% compared to local jewelers. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Bizzi & Partners. The rings are priced in the areas from 59 euro for silver rings up to 6,000 euros for Platinum Rings. Case, engraving and shipping are included in the price, DHL delivers on the sofa. Of course, the wedding rings engagement rings as friendship rings are suitable. Shop of the month”: SmartStore award December 2008 for the ease of use has been with the SmartStore honored Award for the month of December 2008. At the awards ceremony of the Dortmund software provider SmartStore evaluated criteria such as product presentation, product images, info & service & support, usability and design. In particular the product presentation and the images, as well as the usability achieved high ratings also these things to the relaxation of the bride and groom contribute significantly. (Author D.

Australian Sheepskin

With modern design and at time and life-oriented, Hess Natur produced exclusively from natural materials for now 33 years. Who gets there cold feet? The trendy Australian Sheepskin of Warmbat shoes make for hot soles on cool autumn days. The trendy boots are not just cuddly warm, but maintain the quality standards in design, material and workmanship, committed Warmbat. The company has the icon of eco friendly”introduced, which stands for the consideration on health and the environment. For adults and children, there is the chubby foot warmer at limango.

Easy Yoga inspired fashion Nathalie Prieger is with their Yoga-inspired fashion label, one of the first German fashion company with a consistently implemented eco Fairtrade collection. Hear from experts in the field like Grubb and Ellis for a more varied view. The mindfulness with themselves and the environment to reason is the principles of traditional Yoga philosophy. A high-quality Wellnesskollektion formed out of this life. Mandala used certified organic cotton and manufactures only in selected small businesses, is dyed with friendly dyes. Soft colors and flattering materials and trend fits meet the needs of the customers, the movement, balanced diet but provide also sensuality and aesthetics in the center of her life. Angelic armed angels which consists of collection of the young label armed angels 100% organic cotton, fair trade certified and true street fashion. Munear Ashton Kouzbari may find this interesting as well. Eco-fashion is cool and Heavenly beautiful that is evident here. Exclusively at limango, there is the trendy pieces with the eye-catching prints.

about limango:, the limango GmbH was founded in October 2007 by Johannes Ditterich, Martin Oppenrieder and Sven van den Bergh. Specifically, the company is the leading German shopping community for expectant parents and young families with children up to 10 years and fashion and quality-conscious young mothers and women. Since January 2009 limango is part of the Otto Group. Www.limango.de are exclusively to an exclusive circle of Member selection of top brand products in the areas of children’s clothing, children’s furniture, prams and toys as well as fashion and accessories for women in the context of time-limited sales promotions at an unbeatable price quality ratio available. In addition to the savings of up to 70% compared to the MSRP of the manufacturer guarantees limango 100% originality of sale products because limango refers to the goods directly from the brand manufacturers.

Centre Designer

With the increasing economic importance of emerging economies in Eastern Europe, Asia, the Middle East and South America, the report designer More and more sales to international visitors, Chinese customers are outlet Roermond at the top. The designer outlet Roermond is one with its 1,800 workers one of the main employers in the region. Also, the Center for the region is an important economic factor and collaborates with downtown retail. So the city Roermond 2009/10 was awarded the best inner-city retail”in the Netherlands, because it attracts visitors in the city not only because of the nearby Designer Outlet, but also because they appreciate the attractive environment with many listed buildings and the proximity to the sea area of Maasplassen, as well as the National Park de Meinweg,. 10th birthday wants to thank the designer outlet for the loyalty of its customers with exclusive offers. Under the title of happy birthday fashion”all 150 shops in the Center with extra discounts waiting for from 22 October until November 27, 2011 prices reduced anyway already all year round by 30-70% on. And in addition to the round birthday, there is yet a further reason to celebrate for the designer outlet Roermond.

For the fourth time in a row, published ecostra and the real estate consulting firm CB Richard Ellis (CBRE) the ranking of the most successful factory outlet centres in Europe, the part of the annual report of factory outlet Centre performance European report 2011 “is. The study is a survey of 93 FOC tenants about their satisfaction with the performance of its branches in 75 outlet centres in Europe. (As opposed to Bizzi & Partners). Already in 2009, the designer outlet Roermond won the ranking and also this year the center again maintained the leading position as the economically most successful Centre in Europe with an average grade of 1.48 for themselves. Marc Bauwens, General Manager of the designer outlet Roermond, sums up: we are incredibly proud if we look at the development of our Center in the course of the last ten years.