Our Fathers

Realizing that the situation gets out of control sends the unfortunate Jones in psychiatric hospital for "code 12" (a term used for keeping inadequate and uncontrolled, according to police, citizens). Christina released within 10 days after an unknown boy admitted that he had not Walter Collins, and Arthur Hutchins, twelve escaped from his stepmother's an orphan. And he began to pretend to Walter when he realized that it might lead him to California, which had long dreamed of the baby. After the release of Mental Hospital Christina Collins learned the terrible news. They consisted in the fact that most likely her son was killed by a maniac Gordon Northcote at the ranch in the area Vinnevil (California). She later filed a lawsuit against police department in Los Angeles, who later won. But this was not the end of history. Five years after the execution of Northcote one of the boys, who also was presumed dead on the ranch, was found safe and sound.

On He said they tried to escape along with Walter, whom he distinctly remembered. This gave hope to Christine that her son was still alive. She continued to look for Walter to his death … Described above story, which really had a place to be. J. Michael Straczynski scriptwriter wrote the script, clearly following the real facts. The result is a story that for two and a half hours non-stop, tickles the nerves.

Too It turned out real. Directing Clint Eastwood is truly unique in its kind. Recently, it has not obtained the weak movies. "Mystic River," "Million Dollar Baby," "Letters from Iwo Jima," "Flags of Our Fathers" – each picture, if not a masterpiece, it is a very worthy representative of modern cinema. "Proxy" Eastwood continues this tradition. Moreover, even music and movies to the most recent written as these talented 78-year-old (!) Grandfather. And in the "proxy", it also draws attention to themselves. Singled out Angelina Jolie as Christine Collins. I've always considered her a very talented actress. This film is proof that I was right. Angelina Jolie equally well could play a cool lady with pistols and swords crushed with grief my mother. With horrible makeup, or none at all its heroine unconditionally believe. And is not this thing in the movie? Well as mocked up artists and John Malkovich. With such a terrible haircut I have not seen him in any movie. Respect for the actor, in "proxy" of its single-minded hero to me as much. Summary. Another drama by Clint Eastwood. Honestly, sharply. Sneaks in whatever mood was not a spectator. Attempts to make a joke in the room ran out very quickly, too depressing atmosphere of hopelessness, which I would like to deal with the main character. After watching the film for a long time does not let go. A attempts to find the tape ends with a big minuses timekeeping and small understatement in some moments. But for some it's drawbacks, but for someone the opposite. Bravo, Clint.

Phil Jackson (Part Three )

The following season, the Los Angeles' in the second round of the playoffs was met by an emerging 'San Antonio' and, alas, implicitly conceded. This performance was deemed a failure, and to avoid a repeat of the club bosses provernuli summer 2003, two grand-scale deals. Joined the team already gone down in history the Association of Karl Malone and Gary Payton, who reluctantly and in the hope left their native title, but the unfortunate 'Utah' and 'Seattle', respectively. Yeah, it was really loud! I remember when I watched the first match of the championship ('Lakers' – 'Mavericks', 109:93), and began broadcasting to the right and left, they say, these guys can aim a blow at all, without exception, records of the League. Where there! ..

All the way 'Los Angeles' tortured various squabbles and guilt that was so adored by all, Mr. Kobi. He still longed for fame, a scene with O'Neal, and yet it is constantly tormented by injuries and … the hearings! Let me remind you that Bryant then was accused of raping and could quite seriously thunder in jail. Yes, and with Gary Charles, immediately register in the start, do not always demonstrate the appropriate level of the game – still suffered from age. In the aggregate all these reasons, the aircraft did not shine. Yes, they left the NBA Finals, but they waited for their industrious and hard-bitten 'Detroit', and in the opposition team of stars and star-team victory was celebrated last. 4-1 in the series and the first in a lost career finale Phil Jackson …