Hanover Energy

A large number of house party in Berlin and Brandenburg already offer properties with State of the art solar energy technology. Lam urges energy Autarkheit. The solar expert recommends to use the power of the photovoltaic system produced. Because the sale of self-generated electricity to power companies guarantee little security because in the long run more likely taxation. In the energetically self-sufficient buildings of the future everything with solar energy can be refuelled by the E-bike to the car. For this, the Sun should shine every day, says Lam.

For the construction of houses in Berlin and Brandenburg, provider provide special reservoir that can store waste produced solar power for weeks. The EnergieAutarkeHaus”the Helma home AG avant-gardist in the construction of energy self-sufficient houses remains the Helma home construction AG. “The model the EnergieAutarkeHaus” by Helma for example Akkubauteile secure in the magnitude 2.70 x 0.80 x 0.80 M the excess solar energy. This surplus in the period from February – November wachstin the rule, only in the rest of the year, there is a risk of lack of power. The battery stores provide the necessary budget power for 21 days. The 162-square-foot House in Hanover provides the need for energy for example to 65% of solar collectors on the. A cheaper wood gasifying boilers supplies also used the budget.

The EnergieAutarkeHaus”is attached to the power supply. Currently, the House for 363.000 is offered. After a period of fifteen years the extra cost compared to the conventional model are likely to pay off and the Home Builder can rely on the free solar power. More innovative models for energy self-sufficient building offer also other home construction providers in Berlin and Brandenburg. The prefabricated house tribute to 165 “Hanlo for example added modern Bauhaus-style in a solar or photovoltaic system. The electricity produced here can fed directly into the power grid and used for the operation of a heat pump.

Wooden Houses and Lights

Do not want to spoil the interior of a wooden house clumsy wiring, improper electroaccessories. At the same time, security, and demands SNIP impose significant restrictions on the ability of a covert Posting in the wooden walls. How to make invisible wiring, lighting, beautiful, and the whole system – convenient and safe? Open wiring. The easiest way to run wiring open – to dissolve the wires on the walls. In some cases, you can use the cable channels (boxes) of non-combustible material, but most of them refuse to aesthetic reasons. Often make the wiring 'antique' – fixing a wire on porcelain insulators. Picking the proper series of wiring accessories (eg, Berker '1930 '), you can turn a utilitarian task of routing the wires in a stylish design element. Concealed wiring in a wooden house.

Wiring in the ceiling allowed to perform in the tubes from self-extinguishing plastic, provided that the cable and the pipe is not the mechanical action. In the general case, concealed wiring must be done in metal pipes or metal hose, grounded on both sides of each line hoses. Log house is subject to 'shrink', so the logs do not have to provide mechanical action on the padded metal hose and cable in a cable through the walls are made through metal casings. So, if you do not want to use external wiring and minimize the length of the costly and complicated wiring in metal hose, you need special solutions. One of them is to use the control on radio bus – then the wiring to the ceiling light, for example, carried out in nadpotolochnom space, and stand-alone switches on the battery are placed in any convenient location.

Home Office

The usual steps of a quality management look like advice on the introduction of a quality management system in detail: obligation-free initial consultation presentation company, product / services “, because only if your Advisor knows you, your company, your requirements and wishes of a quality management system, then it can help you.” Offers without this initial interview is ‘Goods off the shelf’ and yeasts you not in the company’s development. Offer any how with project plan preparation for the introduction of quality management and certification “, while the duration of the project plan can vary greatly, as this depends on the type and size of the company. TARGET analysis Analysis of your existing QM-system to the rules of the standard, adaptation and improvement of your system ‘. ” Design structure of the individual elements of the quality management “.” Value should be placed on an efficient implementation of each element. A quality management system for a small – and medium-sized enterprises should be adapted to meet business needs and is of course different, than a group.

Quality management manual develop the work and operator specific descriptions of the trace “.” A quality manual must not necessarily be in paper form, but can be stored in the computer. So, for example a quality management handbook on the intranet is partially recommended if you constantly want to access all employees in each workplace, including in the Home Office. Active project support and training local business specific coaching with the responsible managers and employees “.” This is one of the most important points. The best system won’t If it is only on paper and not implemented. Inhibitions are mined in these coaching sessions/discussions, with incorporated the knowledge of employees and staff are taken on Board of the boat. Certification testing and certification of your quality management system by an independent certification body “.” Take care of your quality management system and are customer-oriented, then show this also have a certification and strengths you the customer confidence in your company and your products/services. Michael Thode

Kiev Complex

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