Being a Smart Customer

Maybe you've heard this term somewhere, or you've read in a magazine or maybe you saw it on a website, buenoo this term really exists and is not simply the person who obtains a benefit in exchange for consuming a product, be it for personal use, some service or just something you get and what benefits in some way. To locate you a little in the context I must say that you prosumer is somehow a smart consumer, and know the consumer is the person who uses, in other words the person who purchases, pays and uses a good or service while the prosumer consume, pay, use and get some monetary benefit in return. The prosumer is a person who does business from its consumption, ie create an income that allows you to deposit money in your pocket. Like everything in life, the prosumers they could be subdivided into: The simple prosumer, who is the person you are looking for discounts on items they consume, believe they are receiving a benefit consuming because a discount and do not realize that just as you're spending your money, in some cases companies prepare programs to register their clients to their promotion systems so that in this form to receive discounts, promotions, invitations, etc that Can is of benefit "in some way, but finally the simple prosumer must withdraw money from your pocket to buy and access a discount or promotion and thus keep the company as a customer subscribed to preferential or special.


They are cheaper and offer more options than other types of accommodation for tourists it is always important that a holiday trip is possible inexpensive and also original and one tailored to your own. Apartments are therefore also always popular, because they you can depending on its own needs choose and book. Although vacation rentals were hired BBs to start mostly by businessmen, what comparatively has made a rather poor impression regarding the quality and equipment, but this has in recent years fundamentally changed. Now, have noticed the Usefulnesses of vacation rentals for families and cliques and rent vacation property like no matter in which region or country in which. Viewing an apartment as a small holiday homes without remarkable furniture is outdated continues for a long time.

Apartments are very well equipped, multiple with a private sauna, partly also with pool or a tiled stove. Features such as television, telephone, a private garden and online access actually it’s a standard. The trend of booked night roosts is now continually further away from guest houses and towards attractive apartments. Apartment BBs there are in various sizes and many places. also in cities, about an apartment in Bielefeld, has for years in favor of the holiday-makers. The Federal Republic offers a wide range of resorts where you can have the relaxing holiday. A Baltic Sea vacation apartment is also just as easy to track as in one of the plentiful other vacation areas in the German Federal Republic. However, not only in the German-speaking holiday apartments are like used.

Also, a holiday rental in Italy is more popular with the tourists. Are vacation rentals BBs on top of that cheaper than other similar night quarters and this offer still zig privileges do not have the other. In an apartment, you can move freely and even low-cost supply with food. This is all in particular for children, experience has shown that very superficially that not all the time like they get in an Inn offered what. It may even be somewhat louder, because secondary occupants do not exist at other rooms. Ingo Busch