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Increasingly, homes that are surviving with the pension and aid dependence that adults perceive. Currently two of every ten elderly people have left the residence where they lived, since they could not cope with the payments of this. In such a situation, the most undependable solution is go to be cared for by a family member you provide your pension, you survive large amount of homes in difficult circumstances. According to recent studies, in recent months there has been 10% more of unoccupied squares, and is expected to continue increasing this trend, so it will be lost many jobs, since approximately every two users of residences, a job is lost by what continue this situation the consequences would be quite negative. Makers of the residences most agree on the same reason, because many families are taking their families, unable to afford the price of these residences, although the majority of they say that they are happy with the service but to not be able to keep it, family members are forced to return to their homes. Faced with this new situation, a new question arises: is there any solution to alleviate these circumstances? As well, thanks to products like the reverse mortgage and annuities, older persons may obtain a monthly income with which to pay the residence, without that family members are forced to take them out of the residences, due to lack of economic resources. Through these solutions elders may continue enjoying your home while they charge monthly income, which will last until the moment in which the death of the older person occurs. The sole objective of these solutions, is that older people, come to a dignified retirement, enjoying both your home and those experiences and experiences that brings active ageing, keeping the welfare of the elderly.

Real Estate Market Values

This means that buyers and sellers of real estate market are typically behave rationally and fairly informed about the market, buyers and sellers are in competition in their own interests to maximize the benefits of buyers and sellers operate without collusion or fraud (if you have business or family ties – it is not market value); buyers and sellers operate without unlawful pressure, that is, real estate is sold for a typical period of time, the market value calculation does not include any special conditions or circumstances (for example, concessional financing, encumbrance contracts for the sale or lease of concessions made by someone else). In the practice of valuation to determine the market value of real estate used by different types of costs: initial cost; replacement cost; the actual cost, residual value, assessed value, special value, liquidation value, of the utilization cost, investment cost, the cost of rent open market value in use, the cost under the existing use. Initial cost – the cost of buildings and structures at the time of their commissioning. Used as a base an assessment to determine replacement, real, permanent, and the estimated value of buildings and structures. Replacement cost – the cost of new buildings at current prices in force at the valuation date. Used for determining the real, permanent, evaluation, market value of buildings and structures. The actual value – is replacement cost taking into account the cost value of physical depreciation.

Used for determine the property tax on buildings and facilities, the estimated value of buildings and structures, the market value. The residual value of the magnitude and economic sense is the actual value. Main prerequisite for the use of residual value is that it is used to assess buildings and structures are not sold on the market and therefore have no market demand. Estimated cost – it is really (Residual) value of the coefficients of the market factor. Used to calculate the value of buildings and structures according to their location. Special price – it's market value, taking into account additional elements or conditions that affect the cost because of the physical, functional or economic relations and financial reasons. Additional conditions affecting a particular owner or user, property buyer, not the market in general. Special value is calculated at a particular time.

Used in determining the market value for a particular object with the additional conditions it acquisition. The residual value – the value that can realistically be obtained from the sale of property within the time too short for proper marketing, in accordance with the definition of market value. Used as a market value during the limited life of the property. Scrappage costs – the cost of ownership without the cost of land, regarded as the cost of collection component materials, building components and structures without further repair and preparation for sale. Used to calculate the market value of the destroyed facilities, cost recovery are higher the cost of demolition or reconstruction of the destroyed uneconomical structure. Investment value – property value for a particular investor, has its own investment requirements for capital expenditures. Used to calculate the market value of investment projects.


Within everything that it implies the relationship between creditor and debtor of a mortgage loan and therefore the presence of a mortgage as collateral before default, the foreclosure process with which you can pursue that different types of results such as the Constitution, enlargement, division, registry and the extinction of a mortgage give may be, but can also be generated the invalidity, cancellation, payment or the priority of the mortgage that is guaranteed by a mortgage on immovable. The foreclosure will be then a trial that must be processed via special, there that the foreclosure is named a special trial within the applications of civil law, since the legislator in regulating this issue stipulate a process very different from the rest of judgments that can be; It must be said also that the foreclosure is an enforceable judgment. Facing foreclosure from a perspective more directed to the reality of the society by dealing with mortgages, mortgage loans and development thereof, is one of the trials that presents greater practical application within society, because as it is known a great number of people are within the relationship involved in the mortgage. In case that the foreclosure has as object the payment or the priority of a mortgage loan, must follow certain rules, among which one of the essential requirements is put on a writing credit on the basis of which the foreclosure is made to publish or at least is stipulated in a private document, in both cases according to legal provisions involving such documents; Similarly such mortgage loan that will be discussed at the foreclosure must be registered in the register public property on which rests the guarantee of the mortgage. Following the rules of a trial that has as its objective the payment or the priority of mortgage credit, the term should be already fulfilled or that might be required in the terms which have been agreed the Parties to the contract that represents the realization of the mortgage loan or also gives way to the attention of the legal terms that can be applied to the case. One point that is worth mentioning within the foreclosure, is that this will be the absence of registration in registration of property, in events such as: having the character of being the founding document of such an action, a title Executive; That good on which rests the mortgage as a guarantee of the effective payment is registered on behalf of the respondent in foreclosure; In cases in which there is an embargo or other encumbrance that this in favour of a third with a time of enrollment of at least 90 days prior before the filing of the foreclosure.

Act Credit

Normal mechanics is that, when there is a delay in the payment of mortgages, banks reported this situation to the credit bureaus, effectively affecting the credit of the debtor. Shall therefore the importance of Act in time and achieve a moratorium on the part of creditors, early enough to fall in arrears, because in this case, having been made a new arrangement of debt, the credit report you show paid as agreed. This is very important to take this into account. Advising you to do the right thing for those who do not have the ability to address a negotiating personally with your creditors, they may consult as refinance debts with housing counseling as Consolidated Credit Counseling Services companies who can advise you how to get out of debt free of charge through their counselors certified by the Federal Department of housing and urban development (HUD)(, by its acronym in English). If you prefer you can call 1-800-560-6213 for free or learn more about this Agency’s Credit counseling

Luxury Real Estate

In the blood of us, Russian, laid thrust to travel! Horror as you want to learn new things! And if this is a new addition to a lot of fun? One family from Moscow last year bought an apartment in Spain. Apartment in Spain Elite Denia, on the first line of the windows opened a compelling panorama of the Mediterranean Sea! Twenty-meter terrace, two bedrooms, living room and kitchen! Built-in cabinets and inexpensive furniture! Dream, and more! Crisis trim Luxury Real Estate! Our countrymen bought a the flat (in Spain – apartments) for 200tysyach euro! But most importantly, get a mortgage for 20 years at 6%. All jealous! And they now have an annual Schengen multivisa, and drive to his home to enjoy the beauty of the earth and soak in the warm sea! Picture is quite clear: interest in the Spanish property of our fellow citizens in 2011 will only grow. The Spanish Government has taken several productive measures to promote the sales of real estate, and is confident that these measures will in no case will not lead to a new inflating the housing bubble! And this is generally correct! We must seek to buy an apartment in Spain! And if you do not work, then do not be like the fox Krylov, complaining that green grapes! Let's be glad for the lucky ones and try to go to visit them on the invitations. In the summer of 2011 suggest carefully examine located near Benidorm (from Valencia 140 km, 65 km from Alicante) amusement parks: Terra Mitica (Terra Mitica) and Terra Natura (Terra Natura).