Managing Director

Take the next step with onOffice smart on July 3, 2012 has come: the onOffice Software GmbH released for all their customers the new version of the online-based Realtor software onOffice smart 3.2. After three-month development phase, the company further comments and suggestions its user has implemented in the real estate software. The optimization of the software by the releases is an elementary component of our company philosophy. The focus of the work of the entire onOffice team is the promise to make successful brokers even more successful. The fulfillment of this promise can succeed only through the latest technology and regular software innovations.

All customers can be sure with our estate agent software on the continuous changes and developments in the real estate market, “explained Dipl. kfm. Stefan Mantl, Managing Director of onOffice Software GmbH, the basic idea behind the software releases. In addition to the top feature of the object imports from Immobilienscout24, can be tested free of charge for the first three months and the users expect the feature of the new field type, the files can be uploaded individually and saved, even graphical alterations of various templates. Also numerous other top features and functions facilitate the daily work of the onOffice users smart. Revised online help, all innovations have been documented, so the customers and interested parties in addition to the dedicated support, a reference book to answer questions.


Determine the current object value of your property at the performances with one click in onOffice smart, and expectations about the sale value of a property often divergent opinions between seller and broker. Excessive expectations can complicate cooperation of a broker with the real estate owner and lead to the complete cessation of the business relationship. A situation that both parties do not want. The onOffice Software GmbH offers its customers a possibility to determine the value of real estate fast and up to date now. With the object data to the object in the onOffice smart software, the broker with the new report module can calculate the object value of real estate in a very short time. Based on value-determining characteristics is that can insurance value of 1914 with this result short asset value calculation according to the broker time-saving, cost-efficient and transparent to convince customers and accelerate the sales process”, explains Stefan Mantl the principle of the new advice module.

In addition to the already registered The construction cost index, an integral part of the object value analysis is included with object data. So that it is always up to date, the support staff quarterly update the dataset in the onOffice smart software. One-time input of object data save yourself multiple uses by the direct transfer of object data from the record of the relevant property in the expert module Realtor unnecessary multiple input of relevant data, such as living and plot, built, equipment and much more. In addition, the cost of the property from the specified object data is calculated. To determine the correct values, the onOffice are software help settings smart, which are needed for determining value. Of course, an issue as a Word template is possible, so that you the object value analysis on various communication channels to owners or prospective buyers can leave.

Managing Director

The series continues on June 19, 2012 makes the road show of onOffice Software GmbH station in Hamburg. After the successful start in Munich, the provider of online-based Realtor software deepens direct dialogue with its customers and interested parties from the region. The issues surrounding the slogan what makes successful agents?”are also on this date in the focus. The successful premiere of our series of events in Munich gives us for the further appointment places positive. By exchanging with participants of the recent roadshow we have adjusted the itinerary for Hamburg, to enter even more targeted to the needs of our customers and prospective customers”, explains Dipl. kfm.

Stefan Mantl, Managing Director of onOffice Software GmbH, the optimization of the Roadshow programme. The presentation of the software onOffice smart is this program integrated into the, specially for those interested, the insight into the numerous functions of the real estate software will ensure. Similar to the Open House events in the onOffice software GmbH headquarters in Aachen all participants will receive a summary of the highlights and features of the online-based Realtor software. In the workshop search engine optimization “presents current topics related to the real estate market in the World Wide Web. “During the presentation tips and tricks” visitors find useful examples of users to optimize their own work processes with onOffice smart. The final get together”allows all participants to reflect the whole day and to establish contacts with agency colleagues and maintain. You will find all detailed information for the onOffice road shows, the application form and a detailed programme see: road show.

Interior Design Future

Unity with nature in recent interior designers and architects can give more preference to natural forms, borrowing ideas from nature. It is not difficult to explain, because life in the big city is constantly widens the gap between man and natural for him initially habitat. Therefore, on a subconscious level, we seek to reunite with nature, embodying its form in the interior of their homes. The extent to which This problem is relevant in our day, shows an interesting fact. Recently, an official representative of the German branch of McDonalds, Mr. Holger Bek said that in the near future in the design of each new restaurant will be required used the green color palette.

Moreover, well over the familiar letter M in the signs must be green. These changes were the result of special investigations confirming the beneficial effect on mind and mood of the modern man of natural shades. Direction in design and architecture, embodying the symbiosis of man and nature, called bionics. To give its formal definition is quite difficult, as bionics as multifaceted, as nature itself. But one noticed very precise: being in such an interior, a person experiences a sense of movement in the peace and quiet – in the movement space. Remember the world of forest dwellers from the Citadel screens at the beginning of this year's film "Avatar" and you immediately understand the depth and harmony bionic concepts. Smooth lines, sometimes repeating the shape of plants and animals, the spherical shape, the minimum number of angles, indirect lighting, multilevel ceilings – these are some features of the house of the future.

Real Estate Agent

Real estate broker statements and explanations on the topic of real estate brokerage of real estate agents in Germany is very often a self-employed trader, real estate for sale or for rent to interested buyers or tenants conveys. It often happens that the broker gets the order by the seller/landlord and is also paid. The other case is that of the seller/landlord Gets the job, he is paid by the buyer/tenant. What possibilities does the REALTOR? Under German commercial law, the broker may convey accounts, this broker is a brokerage agent then, then there is still the evidence broker, he needs a proof on the occasion of the conclusion then. Also he can conclude contracts on plots of land or real estate, rent of apartments / business premises and take other jobs. For a successful mediation, the Broker receives a Commission. There is also another variant, while the Broker receives no Commission. If you have a real estate rent via an agent / or would like to sell, including one from a brokerage contract with the provider and the interested parties.

Brokers man then calls this broker a fixed price. The Commission the amount of the Commission we often freely negotiated. But there are different conditions. The Commission at a private sale between 3-7% of the selling price in Germany is, if you privately rent an object, then the Commission approximately two cold monthly net -, the Commission between the partners is negotiated in a sale / rent a commercial object. The possibility of working with a real estate broker in Germany there are three possibilities of for cooperation with real estate agents. The first is the General order, which means you can hire other agents or search for suitable interested parties yourself. No other brokers may be switched on behalf alone, the second option, here, but the customer can resell the real estate itself.

Then there are the qualified job. This order is for the REALTOR the safest and the best, because this contract the principal can not sell the object and all interested parties must be referenced to the broker. But, these orders must be limited to the protection of the client. Broker training, while in Germany only a commercial application, different is the situation in other countries. However, it is better to make a training on a voluntary basis in Germany. There are special courses which offer courses to a “certified real estate broker”. This way is in Germany very important as the dishes in a very severely punish mistakes or wrong information. In Austria, there is an own “real estate – Chamber”, it oversees the estate agents and the administrator, also carries out also special examinations. In France a university education and training at a notary must be. In the United States and Spain, brokers must pass a State examination. The real estate agent on the Internet, you’ve found a real estate broker on the Internet, who can sell your home and find the right apartment for you. But very often two issues, how can you finance the new House / apartment and how to get your new home / apartment? For these two issues, there are also solutions. The financing will solve, because the brokers watched the real estate market, compares with a financial partner and to find the best deal for you. You save not only time, but also money.

OnOffice Seminars

proven training continues on the onOffice Software GmbH has set your training for the spring 2013. The expert of online-based Realtor software onOffice smart offers its customers a large number of selection on dates and places on. The Agency of optimal dealing with the many functions and features of the real estate software is the focus of basic and expert training. With our wide range of training, we want to reach many customers and within a preliminary on-site training in detail present all modules and useful examples. Through the correct use of the software the user optimize the own work-flow and save time in everyday work,”explained Dipl. kfm.

Stefan Mantl, Managing Director of onOffice Software GmbH, the comprehensive training service. The onOffice Software GmbH has the following new dates for 2013 in the entire Federal territory in the offer. 11Th/12th January. Hamburg 25/26 January Munich February 15/16. Berlin 01/02 March Mannheim 12-13 April Hannover 26/27 April. Customers also have the option to communicate your Disired for training your personal contact or send an email to Stuttgart. The received wishes be taken into account in the future planning as usual.

German Championships

Diploma social worker part-time as a personal trainer worked from athletics on the Powerlifting for diving – sports and fitness have always played a big role in the life of Sandra Ritthaler. For about 20 years, she works part-time as a trainer in gyms and sports clubs. Mainly direct working was important when choosing their activity you most and with the people”. For about 1.5 years, she takes off now also in the field of personnel training. To be better prepared for the individual care of their customers, Sandra Ritthaler uses the part-time qualifications of the BSA Academy: A solid qualification is the be-all and end-all. In addition to the fitness specialist I complete more BSA training courses, in the future to be able to continue my personal training.” Since her childhood, sports in Sandra Rahman Halers is firmly anchored to daily routine. In the youth active she began as a track and field athlete 17 years with Powerlifting, where she was successful until her 21st year as competitive and competitive athlete.

Among other things, she can achieved the following titles: NRW Mehrer juniors and bronze at the German Championships. “Then, she switched to diving: I worked as a professional diver some time abroad in Thailand, where even in this sport as head instructor, physical fitness is absolutely necessary.” Since the 1990s Sandra Ritthaler works in addition to her job as a graduate social worker as a trainer in gyms and sports clubs or organizations such as the DLRG. 1.5 years, I worked part-time as a personal trainer and coach athletes in the fields of athletics, swimming, triathlon and martial arts, as well as customers who want to effectively work on her body and life quality. While I do more holistically, i.e. staff training, all important topics related to prevention, fitness and health play an important role, such as nutrition, physical activity through sport, elimination of imbalances, flexibility, posture analysis and improvement, taking into account of Allergies and chronic diseases, acid-base homeostasis, blood group specific nutrition, etc.

Monument Real Estate

The listed residential ensemble WOHNPARK fairy district in Berlin-Kopenick. Under monument protection residential ensemble fairy district in Berlin-Kopenick is situated in the midst of numerous gardens, which are arbitrary and beautiful as in the fairy tale. Looking out of the Windows of the rooms in the homes of the Berlin Monument District of fairy tale, you can see the green nature always. A magnificent forest park is located in the immediate vicinity of the residence. The environment of the real estate maximum livability and quality of life and the purchase owners of residential units guarantees a very good rental potential, tax benefits, as well as a high rental yield, the tenants may promote by the KfW possible.

An investment that pays. Opt for a tour, experience an idyllic, unspoilt haven of tranquillity in the heart of Germany’s capital city. The protected area means Heath with his monument real estate offers generous mixed forests, the to inviting long walks or bicycle rides. The fairytale district is a residential paradise and offers a good connection to the public transport network. You can reach the city centre of Berlin by the s-Bahn station, Kopenick in less than 30 minutes. Apartment sizes and prices for investors – residential Park consists of 293 condos in three sections, all are lavishly renovated and modernised.

The completion is in 2013-2014. The size of the apartments is 2 to 5 rooms between 45 130 sqm. The purchase price is between 125.000,-and 350.000,-euros (2,700 to 2,800 per square metre). The property offers increased tax benefits and advertising costs pursuant to section 7 ITA due to depreciation of monument protection. You can make 100% of restoration costs as tax benefit tax period of 12 years. The portion of the renovation costs approximately 65% of the purchase price.

Restoration Of Antiques

High-quality restoration of furniture with good life cycle assessment on everyone’s lips is sustainability. But one has the impression of furniture sustainability matters too much. This area is often overlooked too happy to buy cheap furniture, you can simply replace after a couple of years. But this throw-away mentality when furniture is reflected also on the environment. Restoration is a great way to bring high-quality antique furniture back to the rays. At the same time you do something for the environment. The restoration of furniture is a centuries-old craftsmanship, which is unfortunately far too seldom practiced. But in recent years, restoration of furniture is again increasingly on the rise.

Biologically, a professional restoration is harmless. Because no pollutants are emitted. The eco-balance is very good. Often it also suspended from an old piece of furniture and would be glad if you do not recognize it after the restoration. Since the awakening of the old sofa from the sleeping beauty sleep in any case worthwhile. In Often many memories stick furniture.

A modern apartment can be enhanced by restored furniture. Often, just the contrast between modern style and restored furniture brings a certain dynamic in the apartment. More and more, especially young people like this style. Also did no elaborate restoration is sometimes necessary. Many furniture need only a refresher because the substance is still good. There often have a high-quality polishing or a new cut is enough. See for more information about professional restoration of antiques.

Speed Dating And The City

11 Reasons for that special single party in Munich Frankfurt am Main 08.01.14-11, reasons why a good alternative compared to other single parties represents speed dating: 1 speed dating is anonymous: the contact data of the singles are forwarded only when mutual agreement, an unwanted contact no danger. 2. It caused no unpleasant situations in which a person thought about how she can give a basket of others in a friendly way, because: the evaluation of the sympathy cards until after the single party takes place. 3. Nobody must be overcome and make the first step, since eh everyone with everyone speaks.

4. Every single meet (guaranteed) six to eight other singles of the opposite sex registered participants do not appear, so that less than six dates take place, the disadvantaged candidates will receive a voucher for visiting a further speed dating – SingleParty 5. practice makes perfect: 90 minutes, the singles have eight times the chance to test her flirting behavior and to vary 6. There are individuals in the conversation, which would become non-continuous attention to conventional single parties and are often pleasantly surprised! 7. All participants are in the same age group 8 speed dating requires no great preparation and nobody needs may be in any discipline (like such as cooking or sports) demonstrate 9. Unlike at u parties no one need, which come as an accompaniment to the single party: a majority of the candidates alone takes part.

10. The participants are, unlike in many single parties, sober or not more than a little tipsy when heavily drunk people or inappropriate behavior fun our presenter takes an 11 speed dating just: specify the participants, who have not their great love, a fun and interesting time seen to have become curious? More about the special nature of the single party in Munich on our website… Company is the provider of NiceDate speed dating “Service agency event agency Thomas Jager”. Since 2009 the Agency offers special events for singles in major German cities.Compared to other industry-specific she stands out by maintaining the confidentiality of its customers, which is why the events in separate rooms and coverage in principle be refused by television. The concept may 8 dates 8 minutes “not implemented by no-shows by candidates (the provider are guaranteed a minimum presence of six persons per gender), is the present disadvantaged participants, free of charge to attend another event. How to contact with Thomas Jaeger (Managing Director) event agency Thomas Jaeger P.o. box 41 66794 Wallerfangen phone: 06837 3319321 fax: 06837 3319322