Inner Space Wooden Houses

Since the dominant material in the interior design for a wooden house is a tree – a natural material, and supporting materials should be selected natural origin. For instance, the remarkably complementary woody texture of natural stone. It can be used as a decoration – on the floor, walls, or in the decor – a fragmented, for example in some areas of finish. Of course, you can stop and imitate – a quality Artificial stone not everyone opposed to natural. Looks great in the interior of a wooden house forging – banisters, handrails, door hardware, light fixtures, pieces of furniture – wrought-iron details accentuate poignancy of the tree. Any plant material – cork mat, bamboo, linen textiles, leather, animal skins – perfectly fit into the interior of a wooden house and only underline its naturalness.

Suggest in a wooden home to do the large windows that fill the space with light. In general, the glass in conjunction with the wood looks very impressive. Glass can be opaque or transparent, standard forms or custom-made … But still the main emphasis in the interior of the wooden houses, cottages, farms or cottages owned by the tree in all its manifestations. The walls and ceilings look great wooden beams, angles, panels. Perfectly decorated interior space craft items made of wood, bark, and ceramics.

Furniture from an array of different woods – the culmination of an interior in a log house. Here, your imagination is limitless – from rough hewn tables and benches to elite klassichekoy furniture made of oak, walnut Far East, kavazskogo walnut, beech, sapele, cherry, Jatoba, Ash … To order any furniture from an array of directories or individual project can be in our company using the form feedback or phones. As a result, the interior of your home for many years to decorate a beautiful natural furniture of European quality but at affordable domestic prices. Complement the interior of a wooden house ceramic tiles – material though not natural, but very well suited for the floor in the hall, living room wooden houses. Such an interior does not accept bright, flashy colors. Therefore it is advisable to choose brown, beige, muted green or pastel colors. Another significant decoration in a house can become textiles – on the windows, the floor, couches towels – everything where appropriate textiles. Do not be afraid to use fabric with a rough texture – they will give interior atmosphere of coziness and warmth. Particular attention should be light. Better to use a lot of local coverage – the texture of the tree will win in a comfortable, subdued light. Try to avoid possible Cold neon, or luminescent light – it will be discordant with the tree. Good will as recessed fixtures, and a variety of lamps, floor lamps, table lamps. Particularly advantageous in the interior of a wooden house look different trophies – the skins, antlers, stuffed animals, snags. Look beautiful family photos in natural wood, old books, wooden souvenirs. But the most important in the regeneration interior wood house to remember how important texture decor, and its natural!

US and Europe Real Estate Predictions

Mortgage and banking crisis in the U.S. and in Europe, followed him and the crisis in the stock market corrected the situation in the global real estate market, as well as the real estate market in Bulgaria. In early 2008 the price for property in Bulgaria continued to grow rapidly – in the first quarter of 2008, average growth in property prices has been about 4 percent. Most Bulgarian banks during this period continued to lend without limit and construction work continued until the seasonal ban on construction in the resort areas of Bulgaria (the Black Sea coast – from May 15 to October 15). The first slowdown in prices was noted in the second quarter of 2008, despite the fact that prices have continued to to grow as it always happens on the eve of the active summer season at sea and during the actual season (May – September). In the third quarter of 2008, the real estate market in Bulgaria started to feel the consequences of the global financial crisis. Some banks have stopped lending to buying property in ski and sea resorts. The growth in property prices has slowed noticeably in summer resorts and ski resorts in the prices of almost ceased grow, basically – because of the serious problems associated with the ability to pay the British had invested part of its assets in resort real estate in Bulgaria. At the same time, in anticipation of the recession of construction, prices fell on concrete brick and other building materials.

Czech Republic Properties

If you do not take into account the fact that investment in property as such is a great way to save their money for the future (for example, during the crisis), then the investment is in the Czech real estate often involve its availability. Recent years, the construction boom in the country have resulted in the Czech Republic had started the construction of a large number of new residential and commercial projects. Unlike Russia, the Czech investors do not know the concept of 'to be deceived '. When buying a home in new building in the Czech Republic is very common scheme is phased financing the purchase of your future flats. In the black are two sides: the developer gets an opportunity to become less dependent on bank loans, and the future owner of the apartment gets a guarantee that the developer will not disappear with the money.

New buildings in the Czech Republic are available and buyers on a budget. Site .cz available with dozens of projects under construction and has commissioned new buildings. Limitation finanasah sure you will to what is necessary to search for a project on the outskirts of Prague. With one of the best in Europe transport infrastructure, housing 10 k from Prague takes an entirely different tone than in the same situation with real estate, for example, in Moscow.

Feng Shui

Unlike our culture that divides everything, individually, sectioned, classified, and the Eastern culture of an overall conception of the world, where each element contains the whole and the whole to each element in a reciprocal relationship. Eastern thought in general and China in particular is reluctant to sever the world, sees reality as an integrated and linked with each part plays its game in terms of balance within a constant energy exchange in dynamic equilibrium. The breaking of this balance results impact on the whole. User training required When I see people buying books, relocating furniture, applying what business books advise, I see it as something really nice and fun so that by the simple fact produce some degree of suggestion, I think they to produce some effect. Of course that fact has nothing to do with the effects it produces serious and committed implementation of Feng Shui that requires prior training of the user to whom it is addressed. As is inside is outside and not vice versa. If there is no conscience, if no previous preparation, Feng Shui is an indecipherable hieroglyph for the user. The Concept of Mind as Energy Source Generated Our primary source of energy is the mind.

Understanding how mind the total source of knowledge production registered in each cell of our body. The harmonization of our space is thus the result of energy exchange with our mind. To ignore this fact, as my teacher read Shui Wei Ku, is like being lost in a sea where we can never see the coast let alone reach. The metabolism of Feng Shui from the Western thought has reduced its essence and foundation, making it a simple rational discipline wayward space management. Allow Manifestation of Being Feng Shui, from a serious and responsible, should be studied for its effective implementation within the Cosmogony China, making related to the rest of the other factors in a game of subtle harmonies. The analysis of the balance of energy exchange between the different elements and channels, provide for the flow of energy, like water running down a path of gentle slope. Without resistance, ensuring that there is no opposition, allowing the manifestation of the being of things.

In this exchange the individual plays a key role. The Importance of Terminology probably have noticed, I have avoided the use of a vocabulary specific, very popular around the theme of Feng Shui, Chi, Sha, Dragon, Turtle, Bird, Tiger, Earth, Wood, Fire, Metal, Water, Pa Kua, trigrams, Sequence of the first Heaven, Heaven Sequence of the second, Lo Shu , Lo Pan and a few others would need to augment the long list. To us Westerners, we like to label this a lot, to classify a word to grasp its meaning. It is the way we Westernize their content. In this way we hide the true essence of things. The word has become so pass the veil that covers her being.