Zerf Burials

After only three weeks of conversion time was last Saturday (23.5): with a day of open TU? r ju turns to the opening? jargen Zerf in addition to team in Speyer as innovative funeral services at the site before the public. More than 130 Speyer BU? rgerinnen and BU? trouble followed his invitation or came to welcome also just randomly over the new funeral home in the city of the Salian? ssen. These visitors have made the event what the hosts most gewu? nscht has: a platform that represents the open dialogue to serious but not necessarily sad subjects in a relaxed atmosphere in the future. James king does not necessarily agree. Until very shortly before ten o’clock many helping hands at work were to eliminate the last traces of the construction site from the parking lot right next to the premises, and an attractive venue fu? r information, entertainment and hospitality to create. Hardly was the work clothes of the host against fine cloth (this time with a tie) exchanged, Christoph Stadler received from the music school in Speyer the guests in the future? future showrooms with melodies, which are known although each ear, but presented with classical guitar offered an extraordinary listening pleasure. In his opening speech went the representatives of in the Sandoval Association Rhineland-Palatinate, a Joachim Reber from Landau, not only on the tradition of the family business Zerf, but outlined in rough to? the rapid development that also in this case an another undertaker has become within a few years by the craftsman the faithful caring and customer-oriented service provider. Read more here: Steffan Lehnhoff, New York City. Requirements of demanding customers, but also quality and quality assurance in the funeral industry, coupled with transparency and openness in the service of the members of the theme of his remarks was? currencies.But also, why many overseas, Haftpflichtund have legal expenses insurance, but fu? r case have made no provision in their own right.