Myths And Realities Of Medicine

On October 2008, I opened my eyes. It was a Wednesday and I thought I was in heaven. Even the stars were shivering, and panting,still crying tears in the furrows close to the candles. Dr. Eusebio Palomino, my anesthesiologist, had already retired, I was in the ICU, had a COMA PHARMACOLOGICAL above, post Liver Transplantation. Sevorane was still intoxicated, Soda lime, inotropes, adrenaline, atropine and not know how many more drugs, for more than 12 hours of Trans-operative had passed me I do not know how many liters of Chlorides, Haemacel, bicarbonates, relaxants, corticosteroids, immunosuppressants I do not know how many grams of cephalosporins, thousands of liters of oxygen, was in a coma, was sedated, had a new liver … but there was awakening. Slowly I opened my eyes … my eyes looked at nothing, watching the mist on the new road, behind only the front had amnesia …

confusion reigned, seconds and more seconds passed and I began to wonder … Who am I, Where am I?, Kept passing minutes more minutes and kept asking What, What is this? I could not move, was everywhere catheters, dressings on the abdomen, pipe in mouth, was staring at nothing … when I wanted … I could not speak! I could move my hands, my legs, did not understand what happened … I tried and tried! … But did not understand, I began to move in bed, he felt no pain, no pain … he could see little, people dressed in green that move from one place to another and I attended.

Witch Inside

The owner of the house was one lady of age and with face of few friends. She makes to the woman to remember me Witch of the 71, of seriado the Keys. She rented its residence to you, in the trreo, of closed portire, and if she moved provisorily for the apartment constructed on of the house. I believe that we were around forty people, installed in three rooms, room, pantry, kitchen and varandas. It is evident that when a person rents a property it does not want to inside see the owner of its space. The landlord opens hand of its rights on the property in exchange of the rent.

That owner did not want to know of this history and all hour it was inside of the house to see if its pictures were certinhos in the wall; if it had not scratched out in the furniture; if the tap was not dripping; etc. and such. After all, the woman was a bag. The pupils had not liked nothing the invasion domiciliate to it, despite there they were to be only per one week. Thus the counterattack started. The pictures had been changed of place and placed of low head pra. Carpets had been hidden inside of closets. Canisters and places setting migraram of the kitchen for the guard clothes.

Edredons and clothes of bed if had moved for the closets of the kitchen. The owner of the house entered and was crazy. It will be that these plagues do not go to steal my things? It did not have vandalism, until why I was of eye. Most serious it was some the borecole foot in addition that had been played in box d water reserve that was in the soil, to the side of horta. Supporting the pressure more the woman was not to look the driver of the bus.

Civil Code

1. The rental with purchase option is a contract in which one party, high, undertakes to sell something to another, elector, if it decides to buy. 2 In the option it has to consist the future trading price and the length of time that the beneficiary has to exercise its right to purchase. 3 It can be a separate agreement or be agreed as a part of another (for example, lease). 4. It may sign the registry to make it enforceable to +.

Below is an example of agreed as a clause in a contract of lease purchase option. The possibilities are unlimited, depending on the will of the parties. TWELFTH.-is in favour of the lessee a right of option to purchase leased housing. The price of housing is fixed in the amount of one hundred eighty thousand euros. If the lessee exercises this right, the lessor will make delivery of the housing free of liens and encumbrances. The right of option shall expire two years from the date of this document. The resolution of the lease prior to that date will imply the revocation of the right of option.

The right of option will rise to public deed within a period of one month from the date of this document to its registration in the land registry. Expenses resulting this writing and its subsequent registration shall be chargeable to the lessee. In case of exercising the option shall be formalized the sale. Costs arising shall be distributed as provided for in the Civil Code.. Original author and source of the article.