Histories of friendship (i) Taste to hear histories. Also of relembrar them e, clearly, I appreciate to repass them. Thus, to each I recount, a new point, and people go if appropriating of other people’s history, catching hitchhiking, assuming participation. When in them we do not become definitive personages or until, depending on the identifications and the changed emotions, people also turn protagonist. Then I go to count what I heard of a very dear friend. It is a history of love, or at least a small illustration of the feeling lived for it.

Luiza was apaixonadssima. A Italian in one of its exits knows to dance and the attraction is sudden. As soon as called it to bailar, its skill of gentleman, its elegant transport, its ways of had made gentleman it to tremble with the feet to the head. It until already had lost the hopes to find so requintado and thus pleasant somebody at the same time. Already she walked half person without illusions and she left in the week ends exclusively to have fun themselves and to dance, what it adored to make.

But in that night it seemed that something of new went to roll. When it left house, to if looking in the mirror, perceives a different brightness in the eyes, a quentura in the hands, a good omen. so soon entered in the hall with its non-separable friend (same I), felt that the night would be special. For even more opinions, read materials from Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala. From then on, I can count what I know, what I witnessed. Later start to tell in third person. We were for our table, that already was captive. Nor we seat well, a man wearing social shirt and necktie, was come close to us and called my friend to dance. It thanked the invitation, but she asked for a time to it, saying that people had finished to arrive and that it would not like to leave its friend (I) alone in the table.

Civil Marriage

Civil marriage is an important creation of the modern era. In these times where cultural changes have made to see people from one perspective more release everything related to marriage and to the union of persons in life together, civil marriage has become an important pillar of this kind of ideas. Civil marriage emerged as a solution to the old institution of the Catholic marriage that forced people to a whole series of rules and restrictions that do not make sense for many and that often meant an obstacle even to the happiness of couples and people who convivian in marriage. Perhaps the biggest obstacle that has religious marriage and the figure of the civil marriage of the modern era solves is the possibility of the couple to separate without negative consequences under the figure of the divorce. In fact, divorce is the possibility that opened civil marriage that a couple who no longer intend to live together in marriage can jam without any kind of moral tacha or sanction Special for doing it. The concept that enables the separation in the civil marriage that is in contrast with the concepts of religious marriage is that says that freedom of the will of the people is the more worthy than all gift we have. That act against the freedom of individuals when this does not affect anyone it is unnecessary damage and should be avoided as much as possible. Since people that join in a civil marriage joined in the exercise of their freedom, they also can disengage is also exercising his freedom in this aspect.

Provided that no damage is done to other people or they endanger other bigger things, it is possible that persons may exercise their freedom and this is what they based the civil marriage. Another important aspect that brought the civil marriage and that previously did not old religious marriage is the possibility of making the captitulaciones of goods. The capitulations of goods that may be performed by a civil marriage consist of a clause which stipulates that economic goods that get the couple during their State of newlyweds will not enter marriage as if they were common to the two goods, but that each one of the goods that the couple acquires will be obtained personally. This possibility that opened civil marriage saves many problems that were presenting with respect to the common assets of the couple who are joined in marriage. Indeed, the Division of property after the dissolution of the marriage is a complex process that takes many resources and effort the couple that wants to separate and with the capitulations can avoid many difficulties of this kind. Another advantage of civil marriage which does not bring religious marriage is that to marry through civil marriage law does not require special sacraments nor any other additional requirement to persons to marry. Only required them be citizens in the exercise, which is a relief that brings the civil marriage. We hope that this article about civil marriage will be of is and take the best decision regarding marriage original author and source of the article

Witch Inside

The owner of the house was one lady of age and with face of few friends. She makes to the woman to remember me Witch of the 71, of seriado the Keys. She rented its residence to you, in the trreo, of closed portire, and if she moved provisorily for the apartment constructed on of the house. I believe that we were around forty people, installed in three rooms, room, pantry, kitchen and varandas. It is evident that when a person rents a property it does not want to inside see the owner of its space. The landlord opens hand of its rights on the property in exchange of the rent.

That owner did not want to know of this history and all hour it was inside of the house to see if its pictures were certinhos in the wall; if it had not scratched out in the furniture; if the tap was not dripping; etc. and such. After all, the woman was a bag. The pupils had not liked nothing the invasion domiciliate to it, despite there they were to be only per one week. Thus the counterattack started. The pictures had been changed of place and placed of low head pra. Carpets had been hidden inside of closets. Canisters and places setting migraram of the kitchen for the guard clothes.

Edredons and clothes of bed if had moved for the closets of the kitchen. The owner of the house entered and was crazy. It will be that these plagues do not go to steal my things? It did not have vandalism, until why I was of eye. Most serious it was some the borecole foot in addition that had been played in box d water reserve that was in the soil, to the side of horta. Supporting the pressure more the woman was not to look the driver of the bus.