Real Estate Agent

Real estate broker statements and explanations on the topic of real estate brokerage of real estate agents in Germany is very often a self-employed trader, real estate for sale or for rent to interested buyers or tenants conveys. It often happens that the broker gets the order by the seller/landlord and is also paid. The other case is that of the seller/landlord Gets the job, he is paid by the buyer/tenant. What possibilities does the REALTOR? Under German commercial law, the broker may convey accounts, this broker is a brokerage agent then, then there is still the evidence broker, he needs a proof on the occasion of the conclusion then. Also he can conclude contracts on plots of land or real estate, rent of apartments / business premises and take other jobs. For a successful mediation, the Broker receives a Commission. There is also another variant, while the Broker receives no Commission. If you have a real estate rent via an agent / or would like to sell, including one from a brokerage contract with the provider and the interested parties.

Brokers man then calls this broker a fixed price. The Commission the amount of the Commission we often freely negotiated. But there are different conditions. The Commission at a private sale between 3-7% of the selling price in Germany is, if you privately rent an object, then the Commission approximately two cold monthly net -, the Commission between the partners is negotiated in a sale / rent a commercial object. The possibility of working with a real estate broker in Germany there are three possibilities of for cooperation with real estate agents. The first is the General order, which means you can hire other agents or search for suitable interested parties yourself. No other brokers may be switched on behalf alone, the second option, here, but the customer can resell the real estate itself.

Then there are the qualified job. This order is for the REALTOR the safest and the best, because this contract the principal can not sell the object and all interested parties must be referenced to the broker. But, these orders must be limited to the protection of the client. Broker training, while in Germany only a commercial application, different is the situation in other countries. However, it is better to make a training on a voluntary basis in Germany. There are special courses which offer courses to a “certified real estate broker”. This way is in Germany very important as the dishes in a very severely punish mistakes or wrong information. In Austria, there is an own “real estate – Chamber”, it oversees the estate agents and the administrator, also carries out also special examinations. In France a university education and training at a notary must be. In the United States and Spain, brokers must pass a State examination. The real estate agent on the Internet, you’ve found a real estate broker on the Internet, who can sell your home and find the right apartment for you. But very often two issues, how can you finance the new House / apartment and how to get your new home / apartment? For these two issues, there are also solutions. The financing will solve, because the brokers watched the real estate market, compares with a financial partner and to find the best deal for you. You save not only time, but also money.