Speed Dating And The City

11 Reasons for that special single party in Munich Frankfurt am Main 08.01.14-11, reasons why a good alternative compared to other single parties represents speed dating: 1 speed dating is anonymous: the contact data of the singles are forwarded only when mutual agreement, an unwanted contact no danger. 2. It caused no unpleasant situations in which a person thought about how she can give a basket of others in a friendly way, because: the evaluation of the sympathy cards until after the single party takes place. 3. Nobody must be overcome and make the first step, since eh everyone with everyone speaks.

4. Every single meet (guaranteed) six to eight other singles of the opposite sex registered participants do not appear, so that less than six dates take place, the disadvantaged candidates will receive a voucher for visiting a further speed dating – SingleParty 5. practice makes perfect: 90 minutes, the singles have eight times the chance to test her flirting behavior and to vary 6. There are individuals in the conversation, which would become non-continuous attention to conventional single parties and are often pleasantly surprised! 7. All participants are in the same age group 8 speed dating requires no great preparation and nobody needs may be in any discipline (like such as cooking or sports) demonstrate 9. Unlike at u parties no one need, which come as an accompaniment to the single party: a majority of the candidates alone takes part.

10. The participants are, unlike in many single parties, sober or not more than a little tipsy when heavily drunk people or inappropriate behavior fun our presenter takes an 11 speed dating just: specify the participants, who have not their great love, a fun and interesting time seen to have become curious? More about the special nature of the single party in Munich on our website… Company is the provider of NiceDate speed dating “Service agency event agency Thomas Jager”. Since 2009 the Agency offers special events for singles in major German cities.Compared to other industry-specific she stands out by maintaining the confidentiality of its customers, which is why the events in separate rooms and coverage in principle be refused by television. The concept may 8 dates 8 minutes “not implemented by no-shows by candidates (the provider are guaranteed a minimum presence of six persons per gender), is the present disadvantaged participants, free of charge to attend another event. How to contact with Thomas Jaeger (Managing Director) event agency Thomas Jaeger P.o. box 41 66794 Wallerfangen phone: 06837 3319321 fax: 06837 3319322