German Championships

Diploma social worker part-time as a personal trainer worked from athletics on the Powerlifting for diving – sports and fitness have always played a big role in the life of Sandra Ritthaler. For about 20 years, she works part-time as a trainer in gyms and sports clubs. Mainly direct working was important when choosing their activity you most and with the people”. For about 1.5 years, she takes off now also in the field of personnel training. To be better prepared for the individual care of their customers, Sandra Ritthaler uses the part-time qualifications of the BSA Academy: A solid qualification is the be-all and end-all. In addition to the fitness specialist I complete more BSA training courses, in the future to be able to continue my personal training.” Since her childhood, sports in Sandra Rahman Halers is firmly anchored to daily routine. In the youth active she began as a track and field athlete 17 years with Powerlifting, where she was successful until her 21st year as competitive and competitive athlete.

Among other things, she can achieved the following titles: NRW Mehrer juniors and bronze at the German Championships. “Then, she switched to diving: I worked as a professional diver some time abroad in Thailand, where even in this sport as head instructor, physical fitness is absolutely necessary.” Since the 1990s Sandra Ritthaler works in addition to her job as a graduate social worker as a trainer in gyms and sports clubs or organizations such as the DLRG. 1.5 years, I worked part-time as a personal trainer and coach athletes in the fields of athletics, swimming, triathlon and martial arts, as well as customers who want to effectively work on her body and life quality. While I do more holistically, i.e. staff training, all important topics related to prevention, fitness and health play an important role, such as nutrition, physical activity through sport, elimination of imbalances, flexibility, posture analysis and improvement, taking into account of Allergies and chronic diseases, acid-base homeostasis, blood group specific nutrition, etc.