Luxury Real Estate

In the blood of us, Russian, laid thrust to travel! Horror as you want to learn new things! And if this is a new addition to a lot of fun? One family from Moscow last year bought an apartment in Spain. Apartment in Spain Elite Denia, on the first line of the windows opened a compelling panorama of the Mediterranean Sea! Twenty-meter terrace, two bedrooms, living room and kitchen! Built-in cabinets and inexpensive furniture! Dream, and more! Crisis trim Luxury Real Estate! Our countrymen bought a the flat (in Spain – apartments) for 200tysyach euro! But most importantly, get a mortgage for 20 years at 6%. All jealous! And they now have an annual Schengen multivisa, and drive to his home to enjoy the beauty of the earth and soak in the warm sea! Picture is quite clear: interest in the Spanish property of our fellow citizens in 2011 will only grow. The Spanish Government has taken several productive measures to promote the sales of real estate, and is confident that these measures will in no case will not lead to a new inflating the housing bubble! And this is generally correct! We must seek to buy an apartment in Spain! And if you do not work, then do not be like the fox Krylov, complaining that green grapes! Let's be glad for the lucky ones and try to go to visit them on the invitations. In the summer of 2011 suggest carefully examine located near Benidorm (from Valencia 140 km, 65 km from Alicante) amusement parks: Terra Mitica (Terra Mitica) and Terra Natura (Terra Natura).