Steps To Buying A House

Lllego a new year and with the the recovery econnomica that we pongala State waiting for all persons, in the case of purchase of real estate I suggest take into account the following points when buying a House: 1. that housing cover basic family needs. 2. Check the way of construction of the House (walls, ceilings, pipes of water and light) since many times the constructor by cost-saving uses qualities that give problems in housing in a very short time. 3 See the location of your new home before you buy Czech surroundings to know what will be its added value so close to this commercial zones and other subdivisions and level are surrounding your home. 4 Do a study of income because if we ask for a bank credit we have $$$ money less than a fixed salary.

i.e. If we receive 10,000 and we pay 4,000 us left over 6,000 to cover expenses and this will be for the next 15 or 20 years of credit if we do not have an increase in our revenues. I can live with 6,000 for 1 year 5 years or 20 years. 5. Cover the monthly payment agreed with the entity financial and avoid falling into arrears. Since this can cause serious problems commo losing the assets which you fought so much. They are basic steps and very important to want to buy your House as this depends on your heritage is one of your best inveriones.