Whole Nine Yards

At least it seems that leaves an interview with the singer of one of the leading roles in 2012, Amanda Peet ("The Whole Nine Yards 1.2") on MTV, in which she talks about the already filmed scenes. "It was funny," "Part of what happen in Los Angeles – just crazy, "- says Amanda of the scenes film, which depict incredible earthquakes and other disasters -" My character and hero John Cusack watched it all on board aircraft. We go up into the air, trying to escape by plane. Pictures of destruction that Roland tells us, seem to be incredible and truly terrifying. " "We saw some very very early footage, and they just crazy. They're just crazy.

He (Emmerich), a special separate show us these scenes to show us what will have to confront, because as you know, quite often we have to stand just in front of a blue or green screen, "- says Amanda. – "It was fun." World plot she also told a bit about the plot, which also found a place in the movie "2012". "Actually, some people know about the upcoming global disaster, but most do not even suspect. I got the "civil" part of the story in which John Cusack and I try to run away with our family and find a safe place. "