Weare Snowboard Stock Sales

Great snowboard and streetwear Lagerverkauf Hamburg Embassy (Sternstrasse 67, 20357 Hamburg) everything must go what pays no rent. This is the plain and simple motto of this year’s shopping experience in Hamburg. The online shop weare.de held at the end of the spear a big stock sale in the warehouse from the Central Aschaffenburg with a truck almost completely shuts to Hamburg in the Hamburg-based message. It promotes weare.de the ultimate online shopping experience: this time not as online shop, but with personal advice offline in the cosy rooms of the Hamburg-based message. The success of the last stock sale are the 3 hamburger guys right and they have no troubles shied to allow the otherwise so daylight of timid online shoppers a special shopping experience. Offer everything there is in the online shop is pretty much: of the snowboard up to the headphone there will be all at special prices at the 28.02.09, which is now still in the camp. Painted Motullo